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"Yes, they sent us out here and there. I enjoyed Amol-Kalit and how the sun seemed immovable from the sky. I think there are many things you'd enjoy. It's culturally rich?" His time there had been spent destroying rather than educating himself about Kaliti customs. "Ah. The peaks of the Spine, some of them you can't see because the clouds block the view. There are people there, nomads, who move their homes across the mountain paths as the seasons change."

Elias rubs the back of his neck, "The scattered isles of Aina o Ka La... the Falwood. Cortos, several times."
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"I have heard many wonderful things about the Amol-Kalit," Elspeth conceded with a nod.

But so far as the Spine, Falwood, Aina o Ka La went? She had not much more than her formative educational years had given her which, Elsi was fairly certain, was heavily biased and quite skewed.

Cortos, however.

"Cortos is lovely," she said with a warm smile, "I've been many times. Did you know our family has residences in no less than ten Cortosi cities? Makes me wonder how we really ended up here, in Vel Anir of all places. How different our lives might've been had we grown up in Cortos proper..."

Her smile muted faintly as she thought on this, "Of course, magically gifted children have different fates there. Imagine, you might've ended up within the Radiant Church as a Priest of the Solar Choir."