elspeth sirl

  1. Elspeth Sirl

    Completed Of Books & Brothers

    Even the Gilded District was gloomy beneath an overcast sky pregnant with rain. Elspeth Sirl watched through the window of her carriage as the shadow of dark storm clouds to the east slowly loomed overhead, promising to shatter the evening peace with the song of storm and thunder. Normally she...
  2. Elias

    Completed The Other Half

    Columns of black and billowing smoke rose from the canopy of the not-so-far-off treeline. Elias had been carted away with the moaning and groaning near-dead casualties from the battle and taken to the large medical tent at the outskirts of the Anirian camp, where he sat on a long crate outside...
  3. Elspeth Sirl

    Private Tales Yours Truly

    Elspeth Sirl's life was a little bit of a mess, but that was about as much as anyone could expect given her current situation. Caught between tending her father post-revolution while maintaining her presence at the hospital, court, and on humanitarian efforts, she'd found herself struggling to...