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(Gromat took comfort knowing that Thaja was somewhere warm and had ample food. Though he knew she wouldn't sleep soundly without his presence he thought it'd be rude to turn down the villagers invitation to celebrate their saviors and so he left her at the barn much to her chagrin. She brayed loudly to him as he left the barn not much differently from a baby wanting attention from their mother. As Gromat at Josai followed their guide around the village he had introduced himself as 'Collin'.)

Gromat: "Ah, much thanks t' yuh, Collin. Ah, and even though Thaja loudly protests I'm sure she's thankful too."

(As Collin led Josai and Gromat to the trophy room, the half orc took note of the impressive ten-pronged elk mount on the wall which automatically drew a whistle from him as it rivaled the skulls of his own village's past kills. At the mention of a bath, and specifically a hot one, Gromat's eyebrows rose in awe. It had been several weeks since he had the luxury of a hot bath. Away from home he had only used fuel and fire to boil water to sanitize tools or purify water for drinking. This was an opportunity he couldn't pass up!)

Gromat: (failing to suppress excitement) "A hot bath you say? Well, that would be nice 'specially before dinner. Wanna be presentable n' wash off the filth o' the road, right? Well then, Joss, if y' don' mind I'll go in first and get m'self clean. I'll let yuh know when I'm done."

(With a hop, skip, and a jump Gromat heads outwards to the bath, Collin true to his word telling villagers to ready the accommodations. For the first time in weeks Gromat happily enjoys a hot bath and enjoys this rare moment to soak a bit. Afterwards he returns smelling faintly of lavender with a comically big grin plastered on his face and was subsequently led to a great hall where the village had prepared a great celebration. Amidst the singing and dancing villagers Gromat spotted a feast fit for nobles. Sampling the various foods Gromat was impressed at both the variety of cooking methods used and the resources the small village was able to procure for it. Eagerly inquiring as to who was responsible for the preparation, a villager pointed over to a middle aged woman.

After a brief introduction Gromat and the woman talked about some cooking recipes. While Gromat gave some ideas for improving or refining the already impressive dishes this led to the village cook questioning the advice as she already had a solid reputation for producing tasty food. She adamantly stated that the dish was perfect as didn't received any complaints from anyone about the taste. Gromat shook his head with disappointment and couldn't tell if her mistrust to his advice was from a source of pride or from one of stigma against his kind.)

Gromat: "Hmph, perfect y' say? Well then, let's make a bit of a contest t' prove that then! Your signature roast boar against my own pork dish. I'll even limit myself to anything I can find 'ere, deal?!"

(As soon as she crossed her arms and defiantly agreed a sudden fire lit in his eyes as Gromat smirked and dramatically reached into his pack to procure an ornate frying pan and then at his belt to produce a well maintained cooking knife. After retrieving ingredients from the feast he then placed his frying pan atop the fireplace, tossing the some logs underneath to get the flame roaring hot. Meanwhile the village cook procured a plate and sectioned off some of the best bits from the roast boar, the cheek and more specifically the ear. Feeling confident as she placed the plate down which has thoroughly satisfied many lords years before she thought her victory was sealed.

With mild curiosity the village cook looked on as Gromat sliced the boar belly into thick strips of bacon before placing the fatty ribbons of meat on the now warming pan, it's fat slowly beginning to render down. Taking an empty bowl he placed the salt, honeyed mead, pepper within and whisked it together with a fork before placing a finger tip in the sauce he placed it to his lips to have a taste before nodding to himself in satisfaction and pouring it upon the now sizzling frying pan. Though breathing hard and sweating now he tossed another log on the fire before slowly reducing the sweet and spicy sauce till it became a syrup and then a glaze upon the now crispy strips of meat then finally taking the pan off the fire and placing it on the table before the village cook who now had a small crowd behind her attracted by the smell and spectacle of Gromat's cooking. It was at this time that the village cook began to sweat nervously as Gromat reached over for some greens from the salad bowl and a new plate to gingerly place the now candied bacon upon the plate and artfully made ribbons with the salad leaves, squeezing a lemon upon them, then laying upon the center where the bacon strips crossed as a garnish and finally placing the finished dish before the village cook and crowd.)

Gromat: (wiping sweat from brow) "Finished! Candied boar bacon in a spiced honeyed mead glaze. Well then, let's try this roast of yours first, hm?"

(Both the village cook and Gromat sampled the roast boar. Confidence returned to the village cook's face as she ate her own cooking. The crispy skin of the boar cheek was prepared with her village's secret cooking technique of artfully separating the skin from the flesh beneath it and blowing air between the two prior to roasting! This led to the skin gaining a crispiness rivaling fried meats however the meat underneath was still moist and needed no knife or fork to break it apart as it was tender enough to fall from bone, more so because it was from the cheek of the beast! Gromat tasted a subtle yet balanced sweet and savory flavor upon the skin which seemed familiar but couldn't help but be befuddled when it crunched like crackling! The ear seemed to be an exaggerated version of what made the skin famous as it was crunchy like a chip and concentrated the flavor of the sauce using in the basting process. Groaning he realized that he still had a lot to learn. There was no mistake, this lady didn't harbor any mistrust of the half orc but just pride in her cooking!)

Gromat: (groaning) "I see now why you're so confident."

(The lady's smile beamed with pride as the crowd sampled the roast boar approving of the familiar flavors before the two cooks sampled Gromat's dish. Upon biting down upon the candied bacon Gromat watched as the village cook's eyes widened, smile falling from her face as her brain began registering a complex blend of powerfully sweet, spicy and savory flavors all at once! She jerked her head back as her mouth and sinuses were assaulted by the now concentrated spice, the heat rushing across her now sweaty face with the might and fury of an orcish horde! As her eyes began to water Gromat couldn't help but chuckle as her face turned bright red and the crowd murmured in confusion.)

Gromat: (raised fist) "Ha! That there is power of orcish cooking! Ya ain't used t' ya peppers pack'n that kinda punch, huh?! A reduction takes whatevah flavors ya got and makes em strongah the longah ya cook it! Orcs don' like weakness or subtlety in our food's flavor or in battle... an' dis is both! Might wanna cut the spice wit' a bit o' the garnish. It'd offset the sweetness as well, I'd think."

(The village cook whose eyes now visibly started to tear up nibbled on the garnish in appreciation. The crowd seeing the effect the food had on their cook curiously sampled Gromat's dish. Their senses were also assaulted by the orcish dish's bold flavors which sent them seeking relief from the heat by eating the refreshing and acidic garnish, much like taking shelter behind trees from orcish arrows fire lit on fire! After they all recovered from the dish, the crowd began to argue about which dish was the best which made Gromat shake his head in disappointment again.)

Gromat: "It's not 'bout which one is better! The point was to acknowledge that food can always be refined, remade and improved. We both had a dish most would consider perfect but as my master once said..."

(Suddenly Gromat speaks with a surprisingly elvish accent)

Gromat: "Fighting styles and cooking recipes are the same. Once you think you've perfected the craft you've then limited yourself from reaching whatever greatness lay out of sight and now beyond reach. Never stop improving as you will learn there is no peak to the mountain we climb."

(The crowd, village cook included, stared in silence at the profound words before someone began to applaud. This resulted in others people joining the act which resulted in a clamor around the half orc who had made some new friends through his master's teachings yet again. The two cooks talked the night away trading recipes and cooking methods which eventually would benefit them and their respective villages... while back at the barn Thaja sadly brayed for Gromat to return. Seeing Syr Josai and Tarid Gromat calls them over.)

Gromat: "Ey you two! Where ya been? You gotta try dis roast boar, an' da candied bacon! I don' think you'll get another chance as it's goin' fast. That an' I'm leave'n in the mornin' so you won't get another taste o' the bacon till next we meet."
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Character Biography
When Tarid arrived, Jurgon’s three sons were busy playing in the same sort of mock-battle he had with his own brothers growing up. When Jurgon called out for them, they ignored the request. Much as he and his brothers had. Jurgon had not lied that the house was chaotic, but Tarid found it to be a cozy chaos.

Jurgon may not have been able to get his boys to behave, but his wife had managed to with the loud report of a struck pan. The sharp sound caused the children to stop still in an instant. The moment they did, Tarid caught their attention and they all turned towards him. It seemed unlikely that this quaint little town hardly got any visitors, and his arrival was cause for curiosity. The scene would be heartwarming, were it not for the dreadful news of they’d arrived to deliver.

“Welcome home, husband. Who’s this then?” his wife asked, prompting an introduction from Tarid.

“Tarid, miss. A squire of the knights of Anathaeum.” he replied in solemn tone that hardly matched the blissfully ignorant smile on her lips.

Jurgon dismissed his sons with a pat on the head, ushering them outside where their little ears would be shielded from the tragic tale they had to deliver. With the children outside and distracted, he began to tell the tale. Tarid left most of the talking to Jurgon. His wife, Sonja, was clearly and understandably troubled, and Tarid thought it best that her husband delivered the news, when it was so grim.

Once he had done so, she appeared understandingly despondent. He provided her comfort, and she stumbled over her words. Tarid simply wore a solemn smile and gave a nod at his head.

“A gift I dearly cherish.” Was his humble reply, before taking his seat at the table and enjoying the homecooked meal before him. Nothing of the sort of food he was used to, but that was the appeal of it. This was a meal cooked with a mother's love, and the evening a glimpse into another culture entirely. Rather than just dinner, Jurgon and Sonja had given him an experience, and Tarid enjoyed that and the company to share it.

The boys were a delight, and Tarid tried to reassure them that he was not yet a knight – but they'd not hear anything of it. They continued to insist, despite his attempts, and their excitement was enthralling. Well, it wasn't like Josai was here, and he couldn't resist making the children smile. After some wringing, Tarid finally relented and began to play up the part, even taking the boys outside for a moment after dinner to demonstrate the battle techniques he had been taught.

Strewn about the yard were the felled branches of trees, that for some time would surely become placeholders as imagined swords for play fighting.

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