the valen wilds

  1. Syr Cydonia

    Fable - Ask Hope for the Future

    "Knights - Rumors of a circus traveling through the Marches has reached us. Amongst the performers is a fortune teller who claims to be able to know the future. As you know, true born seers are exceptionally rare. Most who ply this trade are simply clever mind-readers. Normally, something...
  2. Helena

    Knights of Anathaeum Light of the Day's Star

    Mission: False Light Priority: Critical Rank: Pursuant Operatives: Dejan Damir, Elinyra Derwinthir Dejan Damir Elinyra Derwinthir
  3. Magdeline

    Private Tales A Familiar Feeling

    Monastery business. It was rare for Maggie to take on monastery business, and quite frankly, she liked keeping it that way. It wasn't that she disliked the order. Her... sworn brothers and sisters. Or even what they stood for. The wyld lands and the small folk. Life, and the death it took to...
  4. Faramund

    Private Tales Training Day with Faramund: Hector

    A few months ago... The Deepwood was not the most hospitable place to find oneself in. Located deep within the Valen expanse, the so-called "Deepwood" was a dark and foreboding place. It was a place where one could go to disappear, to hide from the outside world. In search of peace, perhaps...
  5. Helena

    Knights of Anathaeum In the Thickets Now

    Stride kept at a steady clip, Helena's fine white cloak trailed behind her, the red-gold shimmer of the damask patterns of wolves and stags and great trees traced by the rays of golden sun that poured through the thick canopy above them. "I've heard of you, Squire Huxley," Helena said with a...
  6. Roki

    Knights of Anathaeum As There Are Stars in the Sky

    Along the Eastern border of the Valen Wilds: Upon the lands of Ardolan March, governed by Duke Harmyhan. They gathered beneath the cover of the stone pavilion en mass. Cloaked and hooded. Most of them clean. Robes made from fabrics that were near pristine. One by one and two by two. They...
  7. Helena

    Open Chronicles A Festival of the Lights

    "Alright squires, crack on! Master Murk will need those pillars ready as soon as able! Hurry now, imbue your magicks, and make ready for the show!" Helena called out with emberic joy in her voice that came easy and true. Easier still in hopes of merriment and cheer. All around helpful hands...
  8. Hector

    Knights of Anathaeum Two for Today, Three for Tomorrow

    Night had long fallen. Not that time came easy to telling within the tall stacks of the monastery's archives. Most light beneath their vaulted ceilings were sparked by magick-light. Their ethereal glows cast in warm yellows that mocked fire's light. Too rare and ancient were the texts stored...
  9. Josai

    Fable - Ask With Eyes Unclouded

    In the Autumn Season It had been three suns and two moons since the end of the Broofest. Astenvale proper still buzzed with those still stuck in town after all the festivities. Revelers, still hoping to enjoy what the distant retreat from more complicated places had to offer. Trouble for...
  10. Lord Renly Drakenweald

    Fable - Ask KoA - Lordly Petitions

    “Everything I've worked towards is being undone. Everything. And now...this. This rejection.” Lord Renly ran his gloved fingers across the fold in the paper, sealing the letter with all the finality of the words that lay within. He placed it down upon the oak desk that was five times older than...
  11. Hector

    Knights of Anathaeum Strange Fruit

    The Valen Wilds, Winter Syr Etivya stared wide eyed at what she saw hanging from the tree before them. Her jaw set into a grim line, as her hand ripped free her longsword from its sheath. "Squires, on guard!" she ordered and shut the visor of her helm, as her off hand grabbed tight her...
  12. Helena

    Knights of Anathaeum Echoes in the Deep

    A summons finds you, handed off by a squire, or left in a place all would know you frequent. A call for aid from the East. Lord Brimheart of Grenquarry, has unearthed some foul strangeness in the depths of his mines, an entire mining party has been lost. Risk level, high. Report to the Chamber...
  13. Elinyra Derwinthir

    Private Tales Seed of Doubt

    Though I am but meek in my mortal shell, I tread bare of foot in the giants’ court. Whisper thine truth unto me, fife and bell, ‘Neath elden branches of the Forest Lord. Half-remembered words echoed through Elinyra’s mind as she woke to the soft pattering of rain against leaves. The forest was...
  14. Josai

    Open Chronicles Das Broofest of Astenvale

    Brew-craft was a time honored tradition to the people of the Valen Wilds. A point of pride. And how could it not be? So close to the ancient holds that dotted the Spine. Some say that it was the dwarves that first shared the gift of strong stouts with the tribes of the Valen. Others claim it...
  15. Blessed of the Forest

    Open Chronicles More violence, less violets
    Threadmarks: Knights of Anathaeum

    The wind wailed like a banshee though the barren branches of ancient arboreal giants. Their limbs seemed to be outstretched in silent petition to the sky: please release us. The trees of the Balewoods were all dead, their bark blackened and oozing ichor, but yet still suffering from a sickness...
  16. Bebin Theros

    Knights of Anathaeum Snake in the Eagle's Shadow

    Blue was the room, and ink were the shadows that clung to the corners and stones of the wall. Pale moons' light and the feint candescence of stars turned to beam of light as it passed through the studies window, with no flame of candle or torch there to rob it of any of its cold luminance. Only...