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  1. Blessed of the Forest

    Open Chronicles More violence, less violets
    Threadmarks: Knights of Anathaeum

    The wind wailed like a banshee though the barren branches of ancient arboreal giants. Their limbs seemed to be outstretched in silent petition to the sky: please release us. The trees of the Balewoods were all dead, their bark blackened and oozing ichor, but yet still suffering from a sickness...
  2. Violetta Amrita Primrose

    Open Chronicles Some Unholy Obscenity

    Violetta’s day had been a normal one. Several logs chopped into firewood. Deer, rabbit, and fish hunted. The children in her village had been checked on and sent to their studies. She let out a happy sigh and put her fists on her hips as a notice of a job well done. Gods she was good at the shit...
  3. Tera Lynx

    Fable - Ask Escape from Castle Silverrock

    Castle Silverrock, a massive fortress located between the fringes of The Reach and the foothills of The Spine. The castle, ruled by the wise King Gerrid, overlooked and protected a thriving town and vast fields of grain. It supports itself through its own industry and trade from nearby holdings...
  4. Cauldwin Talson Valfnyr

    LFG Anyone up for Some Good Ol' Dishonored Trio(esk) Adventures?

    I've been thinking this one up for a while, I'd like to create a small group of downcast/crestfallen/otherwise dishonored warriors that walk the realm. Their are a lot of mages and rogues and other such things that follow similar arcs, but I've yet to see a tale of Men-at-Arms seeking redemption...