1. Blessed of the Forest

    Open Chronicles More violence, less violets
    Threadmarks: Knights of Anathaeum

    The wind wailed like a banshee though the barren branches of ancient arboreal giants. Their limbs seemed to be outstretched in silent petition to the sky: please release us. The trees of the Balewoods were all dead, their bark blackened and oozing ichor, but yet still suffering from a sickness...
  2. Ivar

    Open Chronicles Aftermath

    Loth-Holm - Outer Blightlands Ivar wrenched at the hilt of his great-ax, forcing the half moon blade free with a sickening squelch of flesh. His head slowly turned upward, surveying the battlefield. Corpses littered the ground around him hundreds upon hundreds of bodies. He could see Orcs...
  3. Lagakh

    Private Tales To Kill a Mocking Orc

    It was no small task to track or pursue along the scree of a hill-slope. Sharp granite flagstones, intermixed with loose cobble and coarse gravel, made for a poor imprint. Footing was difficult, movement was labored, and the scent had precious few things to which it could adhere. It was like...
  4. S

    Quest The First Coalition[Templar]

    Aberrasai Savannah - East Saul stood quietly atop a small hill, his cloak snapping in the gusted breeze, his lips thinning as he watched the Savannah in front of him. To the north he could see the a small line of soldiers coming towards him, to the west he saw nothing but the plains, and...