Staff Happy First Birthday Chronicles!

  • Loot Runners

    Get ready for the rush! Click here for more information. This quick-write dungeon run will be coming on Friday the 13th. Join up in #roles on discord and find a partner!

Raigryn Vayd

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A massive thank you to everyone who has made this first year such a great success!

We have had some exceptional events and stories over our first year and we're proud of the community that has gathered here. You've been exceptionally welcoming of new members and constructive in working together to craft our plot lines. Everyone is really settling in and expanding upon the Lore for Arethil we started dreaming up last summer.

This week we have a #LootRunners dungeon run coming up, with lots of loot up for grabs (including a legendary sword).

We're working behind the scenes on a new event which we hope will be even bigger than Pandemonium!

Everyone who joined us this year gets a free trophy on their parent account for being as part of this.

So here's to an amazing second year of Chronicles Roleplay!


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Happy First Birthday!!! I hope we can get more stories of adventures, romances and all sorts of magical events.