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I'm looking to flesh out my character Caliane and the history of the Avariels a bit more and I think maybe some evil wizards/mages/organisation who might wanna get their hands on a winged elf might be able to help.

As part of her backstory she was kidnapped by mercenaries to be delivered to some higher power (group/person) for experimentation/interrogation. She was rescued so their attempts were stumped but they now know there's a winged chick walking around Arethil, so they might be looking for her to carry on their mission. Just wondered if anyone wanted to claim ownership of carrying out this mission in the first place so we could potentially develop it further down the line with either them hiring out further hits, or them eventually meeting etc.

Lemme know if you're interested, or if not with this if your character would want to meet an Avariel!


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If some non-human scum stepped foot into Anirian territory to practice foul magics then they would be dealt with like the terrorists that they are.

(I can't imagine Ania wanting to capture a bird-elf but I can imagine her wanting to kill one).
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