Private Tales Book Two. Nosdyn Saga.


(Side story: Looking for one partner who can be active at night. This is a long term project.)

The Vampire Lord's castle: Nosdyn.

It was an impressive structure made by an enemy that was defeated many years prior. Nosdyn now resided over the castle and the vampire clan that was associated to it. As he sat on his throne for a moment...he heard a voice within. You are growing strong now. Skotadi, The Darkness within his blood said to him calmly. He was deep in thought. He'd grown since his simple days as a miner. Always be a step ahead of those you hunt those who hunt you.

Nosdyn nodded calmly. A vassal stepped forward a short time later. "Master Nosdyn, as guest has arrived."

"See to it they are not harmed. I wish to speak to this person myself." Nosdyn said. He had both of his hands folded under his chin.

Velera and Anya were both notably not present, neither was his son The Vampire Conrad. They were away on a personal missions.

That would leave The Vampire Lord time to think and prepare and spend some time with his vassals.

He'd named Lady Ilia one of his top servants after he'd turned her.

There was a potentially untapped resource with the poor and impoverished of nearby cities and the empire. He could tap into that resource...but that would come later.

He heard the boot falls of his guest. His eyes were permanently closed but he saw the newcomer's heat signature.

(Enter here: During night time in the Vampire Lord's castle. The meeting is held in the throne room. We can wing this totally. Thanks in advanced.)
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