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Kiros Rahnel

Lone priest of Itra
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“To your fortune a healer's present, should you strain yourself.” Kiros lightheartedly quipped. “But be not strained nor rushed. Regale us at your leisure. upon your moment's rest.” He kindly concluded.

"How about, I go fetch us some fishing rods, and we make good one of the three wishes," Garrod mentioned, to which Farzad replied:

"I suppose its about time I learn how to use a fishing Rod..."

“You never learned?” Kiros asked in surprise. He'd felt fairly sure that Farzad could fish, though he'd never seen any sign to imply the assumption true. He simply figured it was a useful skill for a travelling dungeon delver to possess. Yet in all fairness, Kiros himself was far from proficient at the activity. There simply hadn't been many lakes or rivers within the desert lands in which he was raised.

“Well, you may watch and learn. Though I'd be watching Garrod, were I you. I'm not a great fisherman, if you'll believe that of a desert priest.” Kiros added, moving to get the fishing gear unpacked.

Garrod Arlette Farzad Oldsummer

Garrod Arlette

Demon Bearer
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"It's Garrod," the hunter grinned, looked at both men in turn as Kiros played him up. "I mean, just a matter of patience really," he thumbed his nose. "The bait does most the work," and nodded to man who had been trapped in the glass prison. "What's your name, oh famed mortal," he would wait to hear it before he left, and nod and turn to grab the fishing rods.

The train had two in their possession, along with a good pole net. "Make'n sure you share some of your catch with us when ya angle them up!,"

A nod and a smile was all the one eyed hunter would give em, but that seemed to be enough. Weight and hook, and long lines dangled and bobbed as Garrod marched back. The rods on his shoulder rested easy and sure.

"Had two!" he said triumphantly. "Can show you how to set them up if you like," He said to both men. Then sat down in a nice bit of sand, far away from the wet churn of the surf. He dug a hole into the earth and stuck the rods in.

"First, comes the bait,"
he assured. "But before even that, gotta get a little more, comfortable," he smiled, and sat his but down, easily slipped out of his boots, and started to undo his armor. "Can go diggin through the surf to find sand crabs! Catch our way up to something more suitable for the right size of fish," he explained.

Been a while since he got to just sit down and fish.

Farzad Oldsummer Kiros Rahnel

Farzad Oldsummer

Dungeon Delver D.D.
Character Biography
Farzad wasn't sure pins and needles were under the branch of cures that healing could conjure. But then again it had been two years and magic was a constantly evolving mistress. Who was he to deny what magic was capable of in this newfound future? What exciting times they must be.

He replied in kind to Garrod,
"I am Farzad Oldsummer, though I tried getting the nickname Dungeon Delver D.D. Apparently the guild of adventurers didn't accept the title. Sucks for them they are extinct now and I am the last of their ranks." He lied he was never going to pay their fees and he was still half-certain such a bygone guild was never quite that authentic. One of their members if he recalls had a retracting knife for a dagger.

He turned to Kiros in the interim between Garrod's return his body still taught with pain as he ever so slowly tried to get the blood flowing
"I mean, I normally just made a net-like spell, tossed it into the water and just pulled them out that way. That or I went hungry. It's amazing how long you can go without eating until only minor bouts of madness kick in."

"I'm not a great fisherman if you'll believe that of a desert priest."
"Don't worry. I'm not that great of a wizard if you'd believe it of a mage." Farzad whipped back in kind before turning on a heel. Two fishing rods, three of them. He'd played this game before and he was down a knife. Though Farzad was losing confidence as Garrod started digging into the ground.


Yes Farzad?

This man doesn't know how to fish.

He knows his terminology.

Farzad, he is digging into the dirt. There is the... Maybe the ocean right there.

Okay but WE also do not know how to fish.

Fair point.

Begrudged by his own sanity Farzad moved over to observe better. The rods were stuck into the ground, which sort of aligned with what he knew. Digging for Sand crabs though is not a part of such. "Kiros I think your desert expertise is about to come in handy." Farzad turned to him as he looked at the ground. He didn't undress as much, in fact simply walking over had already been a painful act though every step was starting to reduce the unique sensation of the pins and needles. He started, cautiously to dig around for sand crabs.
Kiros Rahnel / Garrod Arlette
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