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    A land once ruled by Dragons and Gods opens, but not every secret of Arethil's past is safe to uncover.


  1. Jane

    Fate - First Reply Wrongdoing

    Wouldn't be the first time Jane ended up in a jail cell. Heh, Mainlanders. To be fair, yes, all those other times she was drunk and disorderly. But not this time. Hell, she just got here in Yarrick. Some little outta the way goatfuck town east of the Bystra River, south of the Wda, and west of...
  2. Heike Eisen

    Fate - First Reply What has happened?

    Heike Eisen awoke with a start. She sat straight up, cognizance in this immediate waking moment like a distant campfire seen in the night. How did she get here? Why had she been sleeping? Things she did not yet know or remember. What was soon became aware of: She was in a bed; white sheets...
  3. Amalia Rosethorn

    Open Chronicles All I Was in Ashes.

    "WAKE UP, CUNT!" A rattle of her cell gate and a rock to her temple awoke the sleeping and imprisoned Amalia. A spray of curses escaped her lips as she stood up in an attempt to cast her ice at the guard. However an abrupt reminder she couldn't came quickly. Her fingers and hands bound by...
  4. Jane

    Open Chronicles Mornings are Rough

    Jane groaned. The back of her hand dragged across her face. Flopped down on the other side of her body. She groaned again. And, strangely, a rooster started crowing--a rooster that was way too close to be anywhere other than right next to her ear. No. No, damn it, I cast banish on the sun...
  5. L

    LFG Rumour Has It

    Rumour has it, in the forest of Falwood, somewhere just outside Fal'Addas and even within the city itself, there have been incidents. The Nobles of Fal'Addas would never admit to such things, but some say that a few of the city's greatest wizards have had a falling out with the Elders. Though...
  6. White Swallow

    Open Chronicles Vanished but not forgotten

    Empty hovels lined empty streets, not even cloth of fleece left hanging on ropes that equally so had vanished. Without wooden beams, the roofs have collapsed. Without the people and animals, a village was just heaps of lifeless adobe and stone. The sight was harrowing. Not in the sense of piles...
  7. Kikwi

    LFG - Quest Adventure! Mystery! Mycology!

    Reports have reached Elbion of a never-before seen mushroom. It has been glimpsed in the temperate hills East of Allir Reach, where the very Southern end of the Spine begins to form. Kikwi is going to investigate, but unbeknownst to him, strange things are afoot. A small village has formed in...
  8. Abomination

    LFG Monster-Hunting Quest (Also a PVP since my character is the monster)

    So my monster character and Erantiel are in a RP where my character is devouring victims in Elibon. Due to that, monster hunters and mercenaries are hired to hunt down my character. (Erantiel is one of those hunters). I'm looking for more players interested in participating in the thread, and...
  9. Abomination

    Open Chronicles A game of hide and seek

    Roplayers (sorted in turns): Abomination(me), Erantiel (Feel free to msg and join) Deep in the towns of Elibion, everything seems usual. The shopkeepers doing their own thing, the soldiers keeping the peace. Things happen, but in general, the places is safe from invading monsters and other...
  10. Lazule

    Completed Only Joy

    A dire wolf in the Reach. Rabid. The beast salivating as it walked along the forest floor and its large paws crushed the leaves and grasses and little fallen twigs. Whistling. Shrieking through the trees. And the Javelin of Light struck the dire wolf and its body exploded. A catastrophic spray...