1. Serene

    Private Tales Monsters think Alike

    With a little luck and no one would notice. Weeks have passed after their first contact with the scout party, after their cry out to the sky in anger of the ones invading their privacy. They had given chase over the remaining of the day and found just the remnants of a recently burnt encampment...
  2. Isak Lavelle

    Private Tales Bad Stakes

    Isak walked through the damp streets of Alliria's Outer City without much care for the hard rain falling that night. People all over the streets were running to find shelter in nearby houses or simply standing next to each other and raising their cloaks, but he wasn't bothered by the fact that...
  3. Seteta

    Private Tales Of Sand & Dragonfire
    Threadmarks: A Little Shop in Fal'Addas

    This was the farthest Seteta had ever been from home. Well, from Amol-Kalit, at least. It wasn't really home anymore, not since her tribe had disbanded and been absorbed into other tribes. She could have gone with any other number of her fellow Abtati, but none of the tribes willing to take her...

    Private Tales Medieval Kingdom Politics

    (This will be Romance and Action. All genders welcome. I will be Playing the Captain of the Guard, The Prince of Dorne, and the Prince of Azer. This will be loosely setting of Game of Thrones with the same type of government. You can be from the same families but no canon characters. One lord...