amol kalit

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    A land once ruled by Dragons and Gods opens, but not every secret of Arethil's past is safe to uncover.


  1. Zara

    Private Tales Of Winds & Wraiths

    The bite of the wind was almost cold as the last rays of the setting sun dipped below the horizon. A cloudless starry night shone overhead, the bright light of the moon bathing the world in long dark shadows of deep blues and blacks. At the pristinely arrayed camp of the small Beddoon tribe of...
  2. Zara

    Private Tales Deathly Desert Dunes

    Deep within the eastern reaches of the Amol-Kalit desert: It was a simple enough existence, and despite it’s innate and immeasurable hardships compared to so many lives scattered across the known and settled world, Zara was genuinely happy with her lot in life. Looking out across the dunes of...
  3. Uvogin

    Private Tales Old Wounds, A Fateful Encounter

    A reoccurring dream often stole sleep from the fearsome Captain of the Immortals. He'd woke up in a cold sweat because of it. It was late in the evening, at a time when nobody had any business being awake. Uvogin flopped in his bed many times in a vain attempt to fall back asleep, but never...
  4. Uvogin

    Private Tales A Civil Talk

    A handful of Immortals and several more trainees assisted in returning the Annuaki horses to their stables. It was the last of four days of training, and for most of the morning and afternoon, drills were practiced outside of the walls of Annuakat to train the Madrasa of War's young conscripts...
  5. White Swallow

    Open Chronicles False Sanctuary

    Deep ultramarine sky shifted green towards the horizon that spanned across the sky. The last remnants of sunlight were long gone, now replaced by a thousand stars of many golden hues. The lights in Jaleyaana to the west and Seluca to the east twinkled just as brightly, while the extensive gulf...
  6. White Swallow

    Completed Path

    (OOC: mediators/unaffiliated have the freedom to walk everywhere without getting attacked, including the inside of the temple and converse with anyone, whether they're named or not) Two forces stood at opposing ends. On one end, atop the rolling dune, Amir Danush Ibn Shiys stood at the helm...
  7. S

    Private Tales An Old Flame

    Great Desert Sea - Amol Kalit Maho 'Jerik' Sparhawk She felt power coursing through every inch of her being, an almost indescribable strength that sparked inside of her as she bathed in the rays of the sun. Selene felt powerful here. The heat of the sand, the light of the sun on her skin. It...
  8. Ava Gilleth

    LFG The Ties that Bind Us

    @Telenar Achates Aivrid Ashuanar Maho 'Jerik' Sparhawk Traecon Maxwell Uvogin Xaviera Seeing as you are all members of the Imperial Divan, and have known Gerra far longer than Ava, I'd like to link up with all of you, be it individually or in a group. The idea behind these threads, however we...
  9. Harlot of Mardiakhor

    Open Chronicles The Harlot of Mardiakhor

    The manticore kept its vigil over the bathing pool while it rested its front paws on a toppled stone jug, spewing fresh bathwater. The manticore sat on a stone plinth that jutted out from a blue tiled wall at the back of a narrow apse recess. Its perch was elaborate masonry carved to be the...
  10. White Swallow

    Quest The Descend of the Alsanunu

    As Nineban's shadow loomed over the deep gorge, It's bulk obscured by its rosy walls. It's presence imposing on the lone rider beneath. It felt almost like yesterday when he first rode towards this impressive fortress. Mayaddah led him downward, following the donning river Rud until her hooves...