House Pirian

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House Pirian

Noble House Vel Anir Tobias and Henrietta Pirian
Pirian Estate, Vel Anir
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One of the seven Great Houses of Vel Anir, House Pirian has traditionally been something of the underdog among its kin. Founded on the need to feed the people of a burgeoning nation, House Pirian is one of the oldest among the seven. Where the other six houses have always been known for their scheming, their brutality, and their cutthroat natures, Pirian stands apart as the one house truly dedicated to honor, righteousness, and serving the Anirian people at large.


Pirian has forever been known as the agricultural powerhouse of the Great Houses. Roughly 80% of Vel Anir's food is produced from Pirian run farms and fields. From a very early point in Vel Anir's history, House Pirian prioritized its duty to the people over its attempts at grasping for power within the Anirian hierarchy. This inevitably led to House Pirian lagging behind the other six Great Houses in terms of their pull within the system. A combination of commitment to moral standards and dedication to agriculture over political and military might resulted in House Pirian maintaining the smallest number of Dreadlords of any of the Great Houses in the days before the Revolution.

House Pirian was the first of the Great Houses to fully support the budding revolutionaries and provide not just their financial and material support, but also their entire military force. Pirian Dreadlords fought valiantly during the Revolution, alongside many of their fellows from House Luana and House Virak.

Post-Revolution, House Pirian stood to gain the most from the shift in power structure, and gain they did. With Dreadlords being primarily shifted away from the Houses and into the Anirian Guard, the playing field between the Great Houses was widely leveled. Suddenly the disparity between Pirian and the other six was wiped out, and with their role as prime motivators behind the Revolution, House Pirian suddenly found itself entrusted with far more power than they'd had before. Many political opportunities were thrust upon what was once the weakest of the seven, including a possible way of marrying into the royal family.

Even now, House Pirian fights to uphold their high standards of honor, justice, and morality within Vel Anir. Where before such notions were merely a pipe dream, now they are customary.


Traditionally, House Pirian has always been lead by the prime lineage of lords and ladies, of which careful record has been kept all the way back to their progenitor, Lady Isolde Ordell Pirian. There are, however, a few branch families that have cropped up in the house's extensive history. While these branch families are never offered the power that comes with lordship, they are still highly respected within the house.


In the days before the Revolution, Pirian exercised strict recruiting practices when it came to bringing Dreadlords from the Academy into their fold. Only initiates who had managed to remain mentally unbroken and who had demonstrated strong senses of honor and justice could be inducted into House Pirian; the sociopaths that were commonplace among the Academy's stock were not to be associated with at all.
No strict alliances were to be made with the other Great Houses. While trade deals were found to be agreeable over the years, it was believed that any proper alliance would only serve to degrade and corrupt the moral fiber of House Pirian.


House Pirian has always intended to see a Vel Anir that is free, where each and every man and woman has an equal opportunity of succeeding, and is properly supported on that front. To that end, the Pirian nobility had sought to supplant the power structure of Vel Anir for countless generations. However, due to their relative lack of influence in old Vel Anir, House Pirian was not able to act on this intent until the time of the Revolution.


Like many of the Great Houses, the main bloodline of Pirian's nobility has a strong affinity for genetically inherited magic. The bloodline magic of House Pirian is storm magic. Highly versatile, it is thought that Lady Isolde wielded rain, wind, and lightning in raising the earliest of Anirian farms to prosperity.



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