Biographical information
Sheketh Key Island You got promptly slapped my good sir
Physical description
Human Female 174cm Ya get slapped again Mousy Average brown Pale or tanned
Political information
Self Duellist
Out-of-character information


Ermengarde has mousy hair and mundane brown eyes.
Ermengarde's face has a nasty scar across her left cheek, which she got during her early academic years. Intentionally worsend for brag rights, until she realized scars aren't all that attractive on women...Oh.
Ermengard lost 2/3 if her left arm to gangrene after loosing a duel and her honour.

Ermengarde wears cosy clothes and a blue uniform coat. Ermengarde also has a red ribbon in her hair.
Did you think you could escape Ermengarde's viella playing due the lack of arms? YOU ARE WRONG, Ermengarde has a prosthetic with which she holds the bow!

Skills and Abilities

Ermengarde is not particularly smart, she just has a degree in art history as well as took courses on philosophy and music.
Ermengarde plays the viella, rather well actually, that's due practice, not talent.
Though Ermengarde has a bit if a...uh hearing loss issue. Thenks.
Ermengarde is well skilled as a duellist, though even after loosing her arm, she improved significantly! The catch? The skill increase only offset her arm loss.


Ermengarde is proud and chatty, though she picks her words wisely and does not respond to impulses.
The best Ermengarde is a drunk Ermengarde, but the worst Ermengarde is a drunk Ermengarde with a viella.
Ermengarde's favourite word is 'dauntless'

Biography & Lore

Ermengarde is an upper-middle child from a low noble house. Just enough resources were left for her to get good education, but there is no future for her back home, least Ermengarde joins a monastery.

Ermengarde is now out and about, seeking her future and corny romance.

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