ErenThiel Xyrdithas

Erën’Thiel Xyrdithas

Biographical information
Sharyrdaes 645 Falwood
Physical description
Elf Aeraesarian Male 6'2 195lbs Blond Green Fair
Political information
The Monster Hunters Broken Sword
Out-of-character information
Xyrthidas Aube

Erën was once renowned throughout all of The Sharyrdian Order for his prowess with a blade, and his righteous deeds in the name of the Order. A born warrior, and proficient battle-mage, he has dedicated his life to the mastery of his skills and to the duty of his appointment - an appointment he no longer holds. Severed from the collective link of the Soul Forge, and even attacked by those he once called friends, Erën has determined he is not only no longer a part of the Order - but a criminal in their eyes.

Sometimes cold, he can come off as impersonal and harsh. Where once he carried himself with an almost kingly intent, he seems to hunch his way through life now, with all manner of charisma or purpose having seemingly departed.

He was once a warrior of such merit as to be appointed as the First Sword of the Sharyrdian Order - a mantle of tremendous prestige and responsibility.

Now, he considers himself to be nothing more than just a dulled, broken sword.


Like many elves of Aeraesar, Erën inherited a fair visage. Entwined in a braid of his flaxen locks twirls a feather: "At its base it was a snowy white then it slowly faded through pastel pinks to a vivid bright magenta and finally scarlet red." His skin is soft, opaque, and nearly free of scars. Beneath his heavy brows are a pair of glaring sage colored eyes, wreathed with rings of deep blue.

Following the battle in Bhathairk with the Amalgamation, most of Erën's equipment was destroyed. His sword, shattered. His plate, ruined. The colours of the Order, burned.

Now he finds himself adorned in more homely apparel - with little complaint.

He retains the armor for his left, defensive arm - though blackened from fire. White linens, chainmail, and dark leather cover him. And over it all aahe often throws a black, weathered cloak. At one hip rests a well crafted elven sword - and on the other hip rests another... magnificient blade.

Where once the beautiful blade of blue gemstone hung, now one entwined of the former, and now red and also purple. Steel and gemstone forged into one, a effective conduit for the use of his magic.

Skills and Abilities

From a young age Erën displayed an acute ability with the sword and found it to be his most trusted asset. His preference is to wield two – one a longer, more forceful design, and a shorter defensive blade. His reliance is more on speed and accuracy than strength, which his agile elven frame is best suited for.

Before becoming joined with the Soul Forge, Erën also proved quite proficient with a bow. However, due to some unknown complication during his joining, he is able to use a bow, but not near to any significant effect. There came a thorn in his side: an ailment to his sight, causing him great strife when attempting to sight in a target from afar.

His lifetime of training has allowed him to develop a deep foundation in the magical arts. The Elves of Aeraesar have always exhibited an inherent aptitude. Erën is far from the strongest of magic users his people have produced, but he is an accomplished battlemage all the same. He possesses the ability to channel magic through the power of thought, drawing on his own natural well of magical energy. Doing this, depending on the exertion, can become very taxing very quickly.


- Warrior: Swordsmanship is by far his most refined skill, but trained to operate in the rank of an army as well as a single combatant he is also well trained with various other weapons as well. He is strong, and so long as his magic use is at a minimum he is an enduring fighter.

- Hunter: Life in the forest has afforded him many skills required to track many types of prey. Though his diet is primarily vegetarian, he is in fact a herbivore and once or perhaps twice a month will seek more lively nutrition. These skills have aided him in a variety of ways, from the pursuit of a fleeing enemy to finding his way through unknown territory.

- Rider: Erën’s relationship with wildlife is a healthy one. His years of training has developed his discipline to an extent where he can calm his energies to be pleasing to simpler minded beings of Arethil, such as horses and the like. This although is not fool-proof and is relatively useless with more vibrantly disobedient creatures who require pure domination over subtleties.

- Literacy: His ability to read and write in Elven is superb, and he can understand dwarf texts with relative proficiency.

- Magic: Much of Erën’s merit on the battlefield stems from his affluence with magic. While he is a formidable warrior in his own right his magical capabilities bolster him that much more, aiding in his elevation to among the greatest of his caste.

Erën’s use of magic is usually visibly evident in brilliant displays. All Aeraesarians are taught to weave and mix the arcane with elemental magic - and Erën's proficiency was with lightning. Prior to his severing from the collective, Erën seemed to exhibit a tighter control of his magic, often focused into the gemstone of his sword. Now however it seems to reveal itself much more wildly and candidly. Whether this is a lack of control on his part, or perhaps a growth in his strength, he alludes to neither.​

· Celestial Strike: this is an attack that appears like bright blue lightning, and can be exerted in a number of ways: at a single target, or several in close proximity to each other at a distance of several meters, or in the form of an electrical orb around his being encompassing little more than a meter. These are quickly dissipated.

· Pillar of Tychan: this skill creates a transparent shield in front of his being, capable of deflecting many conventional and magical attacks. This however requires a great deal of concentration usually rendering him immobile and is only effective when it is first erected and for a short time after.

· Erën's use of the Pillar has been pushed beyond boundaries he had once been barred by. He has found himself capable of enveloping his body in an encasing shield, as well as even hold broken bones in their proper place. These additional capabilities have proved to be incredibly taxing.

· Strength of Nykios: Erën can also use his magic to bolster his physical abilities by augmenting his strength, speed, dexterity, and stamina for brief instances of a few moments. Depending on the frequency and overall exertion, this skill can be used without much fatigue.

· Nightshade: Erën can manifest what can only be described as shadowy smoke and cause it to billow about him for a brief distraction or to settle around him as a shroud. This is far more effective, and far easier to accomplish out of sunlight.


- Elven Vitality: As an elf Erën is blessed with long life and lasting youth, as well as a durable and agile body. Under his own power he is quite swift, relying heavily on evasion rather than tour de force. He can leap several meters into the air, balance himself on but a tiptoe, and sprint for impressive periods of time all with seemingly little effort.

- Intellect: Almost taken for granted by the entirety of his kind, their long lifespans offer them the time to pursue mastery of almost anything fathomable. In a perfect world this may have been the case but alas, Arethil carries onward in imperfection. While he is not a scholar, after ages of academic training in the Order he does have an appreciation for knowledge. He does not seek to understand all that the world does and does not do but is capable of critical thinking and honest about what knowledge he possesses – or doesn’t.

- Awareness: Like most Aeraesarian Elves, Erën is ever conscious, even in his “sleep-state” he is aware of his surroundings. Erën's sense of hearing is among the greatest of his people, even heightened - a side effect of(presumably) the complications surrounding his joining. His eyes are likewise sharp, but though he can see perfectly in the day his sight is hindered by the dark of night. Moonlight can alleviate this, but only somewhat.

Since the loss of the Soul Forge, Erën is once more subject to sleep as most mortals are - to fall unconsciousness and to be lost in one's dreams. But since this change, now paired with his acute sense of hearing which is impressive for any elf, the gift of full sight has been restored to him, allowing him to see with crystal clarity in even the dimmest light, and the ailment hindering his use of a bow lifted.

- Telepathy: Erën and his people are inherently born with a capacity for telepathy, heightened several fold once linked too all his kind through the Soul Forge. This has throughout his life proven to be exclusive to his people, and he is unable to access the minds of those not part of his nexus. Still worth noting is the natural capability for telepathy, as well as its effectiveness regarding how Erën’s people operate together especially in militaristic settings.

Since the loss of the Soul Forge, Erën has since been severed from the group consciousness entirely. Where he could once feel the presence of his people as a whole, and speak through thought to those close to him - there is nothing. He still however attempts to reach out with his mind, sometimes feeling an inclination from those nearest him. It is clear his telepathic capability is still present - in fact even uncontrolled at times.

- Focus: Erën’s telepathic connection with his people grants him a grounding force to set himself upon in times of great peril. Encouraged by the presence of the group-consciousness that he feels, the presence of the Soul Forge affords him a steady level of confidence.

Determination and willpower is all that drives him now - however, due to the severity of the trial brought on by his severing, he finds himself distracted. Lessened, of late.


- Striker: While Erën is indeed a formidable fighter capable of great feats of magic and strength, he is a warrior meant for the quick and fatal blow. While he can also operate as a soldier in the field, he is best suited for single combat. However, he cannot withstand a battle of attrition on his own: failure to topple a powerful opponent relatively quickly would prove... unfortunate.

- Illiterate: Erën may be fluent in Elven but his ability to read common is patchy at best, but he can speak it well. He does not understand many other languages save for perhaps a few words or phrases.

- Elven Pretentiousness: Erën can almost not even been blamed for this trait for it has been so rampant among elves at various times since Order’s conception. Over time the whole of their culture it has certainly settled down in this, but due to Erën’s alleged understanding of history and things he’s himself witnessed while abroad, whether it be civility or intellect he often holds himself in higher regard than many others – in at least some sense.

- Paranoid: Erën's telepathic gifts have become something of a nightmare at times. Unwittingly his mind, so trained to do so within the safety of the collective, will reach out. For those of lesser control, or awareness of their own minds, his sometimes glimpses within - often to his dismay. Voices, he should not hear. Thoughts, he should not know. Fears, he should not feel.

- Irrational: Since his severance from the Order, Erën's composure has become more difficult for him to maintain. Without the comfort of the collective consciousness that he was oh so used to, his own individual ability to cope with the tragedies of his life have grown feeble.


Erën is a hard individual to pin down at present. He is known for being a more reserved individual, often showing a disdain for most others around him who were not of elven descent. But despite these apparent prejudices, he was always seen as benevolent. He would help the innocent, and defend the weak. He was selfless, however rude or harsh he could be, offering his own life freely in the face of malevolence so that others could be spared.

Now, he is hardly even recognizable. He is a shadow of what he was. His pride, even if it had been fueled largely by contempt, seems all but washed away. Where frigid anger had once stayed the obvious grief in his soul, now it seems even that has finally given up its ghost.

Biography & Lore

Erën was born into a life of relative prestige. Both his parents were appointed to the sphere of the Sword, but his mother was also of Highborn descent - of course making him as well. But, throughout his childhood he was quickly anticipated to also join with the sphere of the Sword - often Highborn who did so proved to be among the most prolific.

Eren's mother died while he was yet an infant, and his own memories of her are relatively non-existent. His father, though harsh, was devoted and caring. He did well to hide Erën from this misfortune, but ultimately it would have lasting effects on him later in life.

He was joined with the Soul Forge at the age of 30 years, the youngest to do so - most being over 50 before making the change. The joining was arduous, but his strength of will proved to be quite formidable despite his youth. By the time his joining was complete the following decade, he had almost completely mastered the art of “construct.” Construct is a method of mental fortitude which is taught to all who join to maintain their individuality in the midst of the group consciousness. To be the many, but also still the one.

Shortly after he was appointed to the sphere of the Sword as was predicted, and quickly acquired much renown for his skill and dedication, achieving great feats long before many who had come prior.

He was still less than a century when he embarked on his first mission as a Sword, which took him far to the north, near the Spine. There, he and the contingent of Swords who set off with him discovered that his very own father was involved in dark sorcery, summoning undead and attacking innocence. Upon destroying the growing horde, it was discovered that he was indeed a party to it - but not the one truly responsible. But the totality of his involvement was never revealed, as Erën was forced to dispatch his father before he could escape.

This event marked a time of great change of Erën, and his perspective on life darkened greatly. Where he was once a kind and caring individual he had become cold and harsh. He was soon looked upon with a quiet dismay, as his contempt was marked plainly across all that he was. He became difficult with even his friends and sought to seclude himself - something never truly possible once joined with the collective.

But, for many years Erën lived abroad throughout Arethil and returned to Sharyrdaes as few times as possible. The Order, not blind to his many uses, saw fit to enable his desires as much as could be permitted. He was appointed to the farthest reaches of the Order’s influence, and for many years dwelt in insolation from his people – connected to them only through the Soul Forge, and distantly at that - as were his wishes.

After many years he returned home and spent some time in the Holy City. There, he found himself enamoured with a fellow Sword of the Order, and she proved as skilled enough with a blade to contend with even he. They were married, but while the first few years of their union seems prosperous, the trials of the world and the incessant suppression of his past became an ongoing conflict between them and drove them farther and farther apart.

The birth of his daughter, Ellias invigorated their relationship for a time, but even after such a blessing it seemed that the wounds that had been carved had dug too deep, and their union would be but a memory. But before such a thing could come to pass, the mother of his daughter lost her life in battle – and he himself was there, unable to save her from her demise. His daughter was yet young, unable to understand where she had disappeared to. But in time she came to understand, and Erën’s love for her did well to shield her from the pain of her grievous loss.

Some short years later while Erën had been abroad, a terrible happening befell the city of Sharyrdaes. All the Soul Forge grew quiet, and the Swords of the Order flocked from far and wide to return home. They found the city in ruin, and its population decimated. Evil creatures had stolen many of their kin and twisted them in to ghastly, wraith like creatures of tremendous strength and terror. Many of those who returned fell to bring an end to the chaos that had befallen their home. And finally by the end of it all, Erën returned home to find that his daughter too had perished, striking a chord of grief in him that has since resonated deep in his soul.

This event, known as the Eventide left the Order, its holy city, and even all its lands in ruin. A terrible curse had befallen the land, and no attempts to cleanse it have ever been forth giving. With so many perished, so few returned to the world to maintain the appointments of the Order. With the Conclave destroyed, a new one was formed, and for little more than a century Erën dwelt there in the city to reorganize that which had been undone. He returned to his appointment, finding himself in the midst of a terrible red mist, seeping through the forest...


Broken Roads Lead to Home: After the battle with the Amalgamation, Eren travels with Caliane to the Spine to seek out Lazule's "father," and to restore her into a body of her own.

- Open Wounds: While traveling to the Spine, Erën struggles to cope with the loss of the Aeraesarian collective, the Soul Forge.

- Candles Once Bright: Still recovering from their battle in Bhathairk, Erën takes some time to think, following the loss of the collective...

The Amalgamation: Erën leads a small contingent of Sharyrdian Swords to defend the orc city of Bhathairk from a terrible evil. Here he is reunited with his friends Lazule, Caliane, and Jirou.

The Town of Gorinsbin: Erën encounters a town, where the people gather in the square with pitchfork and torch, and rumours of vampires.

Sometimes all it takes is a Leap of Faith: Erën shares a night by the fire with his new friend Caliane Ruinë.

The Pain of Valour: Erën comes upon a beleaguered village in the northern regions. Upon closer inspection, there seems to be the work of monsters terrorizing the town. Here he meets new friends, the Avariel: Caliane Ruinë and the Ronin: Jirou.

The Longest Night: Erën comes across a dark, and allegedly evil tower. Some say its the work of demons...

And Sorrow Sang Softly: Erën encounters a deadly necromancer, a traitor of his own kind. There, he experiences illusions of such terribly magnitude as to shake the foundations of any man's soul.

Burned: Erën, and the stranger come to be known as Duresh are wrongfully accused of murder in Vel Anir.

The Battle of the Blades - The Assault: Erën fights for Vel Anir to rescue Kristin Pirian alongside his friend, Elan the Brave.

The Battle of the Blades - The Parade: Erën travels to Vel Anir, and finds himself in the midst of the city's annual celebration.

The Ancient Dweller: Erën - with his brethren, Aidathin and Te'leis, travel north to the Spine. There, they encounter the one: Lazule, and join with her in her quest to stop the evil sorcerer Zeng.

To Belgrath and Back: Erën embarks on a quest to Belgrath, to hire to renowned craftsman Filn Stenlegger.

Elf Ears Aren't Long Enough: Erën encounters the mists of Pandemonium.

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