Private Tales To be Boundless

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"Kor, she went on a date with him!" Larkin gave an exasperated sigh, his friend just was not getting it. "I could just wring that pretty boy's little neck just for looking at her." He had been pacing erratically for the past twenty minutes near the pond he and Kor had first had their exchange.

He had resorted to muttering to himself, giving slight outbursts that probably made little sense to the blind intiate that had been forced into listening to it. The pacing certainly didn't help him look any better. He only paused his pacing to stroke the glossy black feathers of Repent, or to offer him a snack from the satchel of treats he had started wearing just for the birds that always hung around Kor.

"Ivan has no good intentions, he's a playboy and she's just going to get hurt." Larkin wouldn't admit it, but many would have said the same of him none too long ago. Throwing his hands up, a scoff leaving his lips as he tutted around like a mother hen scolding her chick. "She's even late. Probably his doing."

He looked to Kor to say something, but didn't really expect too much of the typically quiet intiate. He scanned the direction Zephyrine should be coming from, folding his arms and tapping his foot. He was only upset because he was worried, though perhaps he was a little more worried than was necessary.

Kor Zephyrine
This had been persisting for nearly half an hour, Larkin walking in circles, lips awash with concern for their mutual friend, Zephyrine, amid the news she'd been engaged in some vague relationship with Ivan Skender. Kor hadn't moved since he'd begun, perched upon a tree stump by the edge of a lake with his forehead resting on a propped knee, blind eyes closed as Repent enjoyed Larkin's attention.

"I understand your anger, Larkin." Kor finally found a moment to interject. "I find Skender to be distasteful, but he's not worth my rage. Nor is he worth yours." Not too long ago, Larkin had a perfectly reasonable motive to be wrathful. He'd only just begun to get over that, and there was scant reason to place another emotional hurdle in front of himself.

Truthfully, Kor had been surprised to hear the rumors himself. The feelings it brought to his chest had been... somewhat confusing. He knew disappointment, but he could not decipher what exactly it was that he felt it towards. Perhaps he'd simply thought Zephyrine would have better taste. Perhaps he worried about what being in a relationship would do to her commitment to leave with the two of them.

Perhaps... it was something more.

No matter what nagged at the back of his mind, he was handling it far better than Larkin.

"Part of our pact is that we do not make decisions for one another. Being led by the hand is what we seek to escape. If Zephyrine chooses this path, and it hurts her, then it is what must happen. I will take no pleasure in witnessing it, but I will not act to stop it."

Not unless Ivan forces my hand...

The thought briefly came to him, causing his milk-white eyes to open and his head to rise up as a change in the wind blew the hood from his head, the messy black hair underneath flaring up against the breeze. "You and I have both already learned this lesson. She has not."

Larkin Zephyrine
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