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Thish Ishn't a Time For Jokesh
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Finding dwarvish bones in a dwarvish ruin was not as easy as Pern had initially hoped. The chamber and adjoining (and passable) tunnels were full of detritus from the battle that had taken place here eons before any of their own lifespans. More boulders and stone lay strewn in piles of rubble. Demonic skeletons were scattered about in the dozens. Pern had to wonder if the master of this golem had died in a cave-in down one of the impassable tunnels when her foot hit something solid and metallic.


Frey was not far ahead of her, a few yards down an open tunnel, and turned back to see, "What is it?"

"I've hit shomething ... I think it'sh a shield." Her golden eyes blinked into the darkness of the tunnel as she leaned down to pry the shield out of a pile of very large bones, "It'sh dwarvish."

"Any sign of a control rod?" Frey stepped back, his light feet easily carrying him over piles of bone and rock that Pern would have sent tumbling.

Pern handed the shield over to the elf and plunged back into the debris, plying bone from bone from armor plating from stray rock. An impressive dwarvish sword met her grasp next, sunk clear through a demon's skull. After a few more moments she shook her head, "Nothing. There'sh nothing elshe."

"We need more light," Frey grumbled.

Rather suddenly back in the chamber, the golem paused mid-air with a rumbling groan and filled the area with bright blue illumination from it's eyes and runes. All along the floor dozens of baseball-sized, rounded stones grew bright, glowing dots. Like pupils. Orc and elf both looked back towards the stilled battle and blinked at the light.

"Did you jusht..."

And then the golem resumed its attack.
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