1. Velaeri

    Titanfall Preventing Disaster: The Sleeping Sea

    Not but an hour passed following the leaving of those meant for the Wilds when again the stone began to glow, this time an electric blue. Magic had yet to restore itself in the dwindling hour between - in fact it continued to feel lesser with every passing moment. This time the stone's...
  2. Velaeri

    Titanfall Preventing Disaster
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    The time to act is now. "The capstone is broken, Eolydiir's Crook is once again found. What has come to pass before will soon be unbound. Gather, all, to the Portal Stones at once. You must act now or all will forever be lost." For weeks now, the whispers heard by many when travelling...
  3. Ermengarde

    Titanfall With Hardship to Landfall
    Threadmarks: Landfall

    Welcome on board the Southern Star. One of the many ships on route to the hidden continent in the far south-east of Arethil. Adventure, fortune, discovery, whatever the reason may be, it mattered not under the banner of the Monterossan expeditioner Ermengarde. Once more to sail across the sea...