Fate - First Reply Past - Training in Valenntenia

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Character Biography
Before the latest Homecoming, before Klaus began his journey with the Fire Guardian, before he lost his arm in disgrace, and before the loss of both the Fire Stone and its Guardian…

The previous Homecoming had just passed without incident. All the Guardians at that time successfully attended. They sang tales of their journeys through the world.

On one of the following days, Klaus found himself within the Vanguard training grounds. He recently officially retired. All his and his wife’s children were now grown adults with their own lives. Their plan was to settle on a plot of land acquired after decades of service.

Yet, as Klaus told others, he missed the rigor of his days in the Vanguard. And thus, he remained a frequent face on their grounds.

Late in the afternoon, the sun still hung halfway up in the sky. The plain clothed Klaus had broken into a sweat after battering a training dummy. He took a break to get some water, but then his eyes caught a familiar face.

A warm smile followed. Klaus was a familiar figure among the Vanguard, Guardians, and Somners. He had trained some, drank with some, fought with some. Despite his gruff, old appearance, Klaus maintained a friendly, caring demeanor with his brethren.

So long as he did not have to act as the commander in the moment.

Oh good, you’re here,” Klaus cheerfully told the newcomer as he offered a training sword.

Have you been keeping up with your training?” Klaus sincerely asked, “You got five moves to show me something.

An offer to spar.
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Villam Regis

Character Biography
"Five moves? Cocky bastard, aren't you?"

Villam had been hoping to get away from everybody else for a bit. The headache that came with trying to converse with the others was mind-numbing, especially with his old man looking down at him as though he was judging every move. There were things he needed to be doing, things he wanted to be doing. This wasn't one of them.

Seemed old man Klaus had seen him making his exit.

"Of course, it's easy enough to be cocky when you know I don't like these long weapons. Did Solomon put you up to this?"

Not that he was particularly concerned about losing to Klaus. With training blades, maybe the geezer had a chance, but if Villam had all his tools it wouldn't have been a question. Taking nothing away from the Vanguard Veteran, of course-- Vill actually liked Kalus a lot more than he did a lot of the old guard.

Raising his hands, Villam lowered the hood that covered his head and glared sharply at the commander, openly displaying his distaste at being challenged. And at the fact that he was too prideful to turn such a challenge down. Snatching the blade with his gloved hand, he spun it in his fingers for a bit as he circled his sparring partner.

"Five moves then. You're on."

Villam charged-- a cocky, unprotected, easy to counter charge at that.
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