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I mean, it's not really a shop if it's free.
But if you do want to tip, perhaps I could make a ko-fi or something.

If you give me a description I'll maybe draw you a banner/flag.

I started painting flags because, in my mind, my Amol-kalit, warbands just had to be colourful, like, really colourful. How else do you separate foe from friend when there are more soldiers than sand anyway.

But before we start, I do have requirements.
1) The banner the location, faction, company etc. represents, has to have been used to have rp references.
2) I only take written requests like this:

- As Nineban's banner is that of a white eagle, arrow and mountain on a field of black.
- Zakariyya's warbands banner is a green field, upon which lies a white round shield, surrounded by four golden flowers.
- His flag is two white swallows in flight over a black background.

If it fits all those requirements, and when I like it and I'm in the mood, I'll do it when I have some spare time.
I do them in a very simplistic style, meaning no tatters or textures or flairs as if it was done by hand. The flag is an idea, not necessarily as how it looks in-character. So I make it as clear and identifiable as the description in the text.

Here are some of the flags/banners I did:

Here is the improved flag for Taimin and some unused flags.
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Character Biography
"Aye laddie! Our flag is a symbol of the unity between our families: The Kiltor and Karal family! They had a Pickaxe and Paintbrush behind a Dwarves head! Yellow and gold! Lad don't forget the colors! Yellow and Gold! It's our way of mocking those ingrates of Belgrath! Those arrogant meatheads who exiled our family for a crime we have not done!"
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