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Suggestions relating to the map
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Raigryn Vayd

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To suggest adding a locations to the Chronicles interactive map please use the template below, noting the attached guidance. Create a suggestion using the Map prefix, with the suggestion title being the name of the location

Name: Name of the location
Type: Event(e.g. battle site)/Landmark/Town/City
Wiki page: Link the wiki page.
Image: A small image used in the pin popup
Which map: The main arethil map, Pandemonium, Underrealm, or one of the sub-maps (e.g. cities)
Where: show with an image exactly where on the map it should go.

  • Wiki pages should be complete and written to a good standard.
  • Wiki pages must be properly referenced to show where they have been used.
  • Locations should have been used extensively. This varies on the size, but a city must have been around for a while (in real terms) and have been featured in at least one significant open thread
  • Staff will review map suggestions periodically. We will consider all aspects, including the popularity of the suggestion.
  • We will provide feedback if we reject adding a location to the map
  • Do not prompt staff to review your suggestion
Not open for further replies.