Private Tales A Strong Drink

A private roleplay only for those invited by the first writer


Character Biography
For someone that was content with keeping to themselves and letting the Academy believe she was a ghost, to not exist ever in their lives... she was making quite a few friends with unintentional ease.

Zephyrine rarely ventured out from the Academy besides the few missions, but after befriending Thraah and being accepted into a secret club called The Gloomies, she found herself making the effort to keep up with these new friends.

A pub certainly was not her comfort zone, feeling particularly awkward sitting alone at a table and having to glare at anyone that approached in hopes of stealing the chair that Thraah had sat on previously before braving the crowd to order them both a drink.

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Triumphantly and loudly Thraah emerged from the hot and stinky crowd of bodies to find Zeph looking pretty glum against the backdrop of the pub.
"Wow buddy you look like you really need this."
She put the drinks down before turning her chair around to lean forward over it's back.
The drinks were foamy and chilled, served in tankards carved with revolutionary imagery from the bloodiest battles of the rebellion.
A lot of former rebels and supporters came to the Rotten Apple. It was rumoured to be a meeting place before the first sword was drawn. It was the kind of public house that had history hung on its walls and was always filled with pipe smoke.
She lifted the tankard and gave a quick salut before drinking. It left a white foam moustache on her face which she didn't wipe away.

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Zeph had given in to Thraah's insistence on a drink, never before having any idea of what ot may taste like. It was her first taste of alcohol, the strangeness displayed through expressions of doubt, distaste, and polite response. She smiled through the hard hitting taste in her mouth, able to drink it to appease her friend.

"Yes, I... really needed that." The back of her hand would wipe at her mouth, conscious of how she looked in a place like this. There was noise, a lot of it, and many bodies to make her nervous. It was disorientating.

She was in the company of a friend, not being watched. She was invited to get out of the Academy and experience the time away, not to be on constant watch for their safety. So much had been drilled into her growing up, Zephyrine was finding it hard to shake off.

"At least it does not look like wine." She noted, staring at the contents and taking a covert sniff of it.

Thraah let out a snort at that.
Of course it wasn't like wine. It was mead, frothy and sweet with a hint of red spices.
She took another drink and still didn't wipe the moustache away.
"Yeah, it's not like wine. I hate wine. It gives me a headache."
Looking at Zeph now she looked a bit like a scared mouse.
"Please try to relax. This..." She gestured out with her arms to the pub itself and the smokey ambience "... It doesn't really work when you're twitching like a lizard in the sun."
She knew everyone had their damage. Thraah tried to not let it sour her opinion of others but right now. She wanted to forget about her problems and have a drink.

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Her face softened as Thraah caught her expression, eyes widening with innocence. "I didn't think... sorry. I am not familiar with crowds like this." She winced a smile at her friend, for Zephyrine was at least sure of referring to the Initiate sat before her as such.

"Thank you for inviting me along. I didn't know who to ask to 'hang out' but I think there is no one else besides you and Vicky that would get me out of the Academy." It was embarrassing for her to admit to herself that deep down, she liked feeling like she belonged with some people, that she could enjoy the company of others than being alone.

She tries the mead again, this time letting it sit in her mouth for her to get used to the taste before swallowing. Not her cup of tea, but she could drink it without problem.

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"Oh yeah, Vicky. She's a riot. Up for almost anything."
Thraah smiled thinking of perhaps the one initiate who enjoyed property damage as much as she did.
"Hey if you ever want to hit the bricks on the Academy I'll take you. Outside the cities there's great country and we got high walls here but it's not so bad once you know your way around."
There was always plenty to do in the cities and the night life was usually good. Between clubs and pubs and street shows Vel Anir had become a thriving place for artists and performers lately.
She wondered to herself if Zeph was the kind to take in a show.

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Zephyrine began to grin, imagining the scene if Vicky were to join them on their next outing. They were good company, and whatever Vicky or Thraah would break, Zephyrine could make new again if her conscience still held guilt just watching them.

"I have barely seen outside the Academy. Don't get upset if I say no next time... you might have to be persistent in order to persuade me to leave my room." Perhaps it was fortunate she could call Vicky and Thraah friends. They seemed the type to do just that, to pick up their friend from the floor and set them right again.

Zeph kept a smile on her face, unsure if the warmth she felt was from her feelings or the mead working fast.

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That was permission, Thraah heard it.
"No worries. I will drag you out kicking and screaming if I have to. Sure Vicky would too only she'd use her doggos to do the heavy lifting."
Thraah flexed a bit, showing a not small piece of arm muscle.
"Even if it's just to the courtyard."
She took another drink and blew the now overwhelming foam moustache into the air, letting it slowly fall like snow bits. At last she wiped her face clean of the rest and grinned.
"You follow Anir Ball?"
Pubtalk, it was one of lifes simple pleasures and an excuse to talk about Thraah's favourite passtime.

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"Anir Ball? Can't say I have paid much attention to it..." She winced, feeling bad that she had never given the sport any thought in her primitive years. They wanted her to be a weapon, and even after the Revolution, they wanted to keep her to the same mold.

"I... admit I do not know how to play it. With a ball, I imagine." Zephyrine forced another mouthful of her drink before wiping at her mouth, conscious of how she'd look with foam.

Sometimes it was like the whole Academy had no idea what fun was.
"Well I don't plan on being sober long enough to tech you so let's table that for later."
She took another drink and looked to the side, having a thought.
"We could always go to a game sometime."
It was a good reason to skip class for a few hours.

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A game? Interest piqued and could be seen in her tawny eyes, a small grin forming. Zephyrine liked the idea of making plans, something she never did for herself besides sticking to her lonely routine of creating weapons and wielding them in one move.

"We are inviting Vicky of course... or would she disrupt the game?" What if more joined them? She trusted Thraah to know her stuff and explain how the game worked, and it was her way of getting to know more of their classmates. Zeph used to glean whatever information she could from the hidden places she stuck to, but it became evident she was slacking behind when Kor showed up and demonstrated that his blindness was no lack of threat.

It was best to keep an eye on all.

"I don't know if it's Vicky's thing but hey we can ask."
Animated now Thraah threw up her hands in excitement. Getting to a game was a treat for her. She used to sneak in with her Dad and Momni but now she could go on her own. It was a thrill.
"Let's see, the next seasonal game is between The Roarers and Hightower. That's in about three weeks. Decent teams this year. Sound good?"
She positively beamed at the idea.

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Her enthusiasm was infectious, eliciting a wider grin from the Recreator.

"That does sound good!" She trusted Thraah's expertise on the subject. "Where do we go? Here, in Vel Anir?" Maybe she knew next to nothing about the sport, but Zephrine was eager to learn, eager to spend more time with friends.

What if she reached out to Larkin? A little athletic distraction to keep him off of his woes, and their mission together did not end with Zeph biting his head off. That was a good start to friendship, wasn't it?

"Yeah. The Ring Stadium is right next to the Merchant district."
It was nice to have someone interested in Anirball at last. She'd tried with so many to get them into it.
"You pay at the gate. It's only two grotes in and you'll want to bring snacks. The stuff you'll get there will be priced way up."
Thraah wondered if anyone else would like to come, like Houri or Maseno. Zaire maybe? Even Ox and Pen-pen if they liked. She hadn't seen them in a while.

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"Well, you liked those biscuits I brought to that Gloomies meeting. I can always make more...?" What sort of snacks would fit the Anir Ball itinerary? Baked goods was always a good idea. She was good at that, like her Recreation magic. To make something with her bare hands without magic was a fun way to exercise her brain and willpower.

"Would you draw me what the... Anir Ball looks like? Maybe I can shape some biscuits to look like one!" Wouldn't that be a cool feat if she did it right?!

"Yeah those were delicious and it's just a round ball with a white spot on it. Nothing fancy..."
Thraah trailed off as she neared something she was meaning to say, ask really. It felt a bit too soon but it was part of the reason she wanted to bring Zeph out here.
"So, uh... About your magic. You can fix things right, if they're broken?"

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She had just taken another drink of her mead when Thraah asked the question. Brown eyes peered over the tankard as she hummed in question. Setting the drink down and lightly licking her lips, she raised a brow at the other Initiate before her.

"Well... yes. I cannot fix things that are alive... like wounds or... you know." Recreating an entire being. Zephyrine shifted in her seat, clearing her throat as she looked around the pub to see if anyone was listening. They weren't. "If you have something... I don't mind taking a look at it. The more practice I get with other things... the better I can create from memory." It was better than making weapons time and time again.

Thraah took in these viral deets and stored them. Knowing what folk could do was always a good thing.
When Zeph was finished she shook her head a bit as she answered.
"No it's nothing living, that seems, well that sounds like Necro... Nercoti... Death magic to me. It's an item of clothing..."
Thraah's voice went quiet and her eyes went down to her mug which she fiddled with in her fingers.
"It's personal like."
Was that rude? It sounded rude.
"Ah, nothing THAT personal it's... It's a dress. My only dress I... It got burned, pretty badly, at the Dance."
Instead of looking at Zeph for a reaction she cast her eyes anywhere else and drained half what was left of her drink.

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A dress? Zephyrine stared at Thraah for a moment, not even questioning how it got burned. She knew Thraah could get worked up, but she also did not need to bring that up. She was asked to fix it, if she could.

To reassure the Initiate, Zeph smiled.
"Sounds easy enough. I just need fabric that is similar to the original... think of it as bandaging the patient. In order for my magic to work, I need something real for me to learn and replicate. Or even just pieces of the dress that are no longer attached..." She could even work with ashes, but she didn't want to create false hope when she was fully confident in her ability.

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"What really? Like, that's all?"
Thraah's face lit up again at this news. The fabric was common enough. It was mostly crepe after all so it shouldn't be so hard to get some. There was most of the dress left but it was really just a big charred rag now.
"Sweet. Thanks Zeph. I owe you one."

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No one had ever said those words to her before. She was stunned, unsure of what to say in response. When the Academy and the powers beyond the grounds had asked for her to recreate something, they simply said well done and went on their way, business as usual.

Thraah's words earned a light chuckle from Zeph.
"Honestly. I don't mind. I fix all sorts of things... but I also got good at making weapons. I carry this," She lifted a pouch that was tied to her belt, contents making a sound like a rain stick, "so I always have some material to work off of."

Thraah looked at the noisy little pouch and wondered what was in it. What quick things could be made from such relatively small pieces.
"Huh, so you can just make stuff out of the bits in there? Long as you know what you want?"
Zeph's was a most curious ability and it gave Thraah a pang of guilt that her mind went to replicating keys and coins first.
Sneaking out was one thing but she didn't know how far into criminality Zeph was willing to go.

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Zepyrine opened up the pouch and picked up a few pieces of scrap metal. That was all she needed to make what she intended, choosing a bit of steel flat on her hand.

"A dagger." She began, looking at the piece that seemingly popped and grew into a realistic dagger. Wrapping her hand around it, she test it's feel and weight before flicking it so that the hilt was offered to Thraah to take. "I can also make armour and swords too. A spoon once when I dropped the one given to me and it disappeared..."

Taking the dagger Thraah weighed it in her palm, tossed it to blade and handle them spun it on the table, stopping it with her finger.
"Heh, cool. You know, with you around smuggling weapons into a place could be easy. Surprised you're not more involved in the sneaky missions. Then again. I don't get asked to go on those, so for all I know you're a Stalker hopeful."
She smiled and slid the dagger back to Zeph, amused at the idea of Zeph delivering a snappy one liner to a target before turning a spoon into a dagger to stab them.
*Time for dessert!*
Thraah wasn't a snappy thinker.

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Zephyrine shrugged, smiling at the thought. She still had lots to learn being a year behind Thraah's classmates, but she was a dedicated learner. There was no doubt about her magic, but her inability to work in a team was the only hitch to any plans of stealth missions.

"I actually want to try and learn if I can stitch back wounds one day... to do the impossible. Just... a goal of mine. Whether it be magic or by hand. Proctor Urahil said she was happy to teach me... and also offered to teach me where to stab to mess someone up." Zephyrine grimaced at the reminder of what tip Perrine Urahil gave.