1. Elise Virak

    Private Tales The Whispers of A Friend

    Virak Winter Estate The Virak Winter Estate was located just a few dozen miles away from the Falwood itself. Nestled within the Velmont mountains and guarded by steep cliffs, the castle had been built by Sarkus Virak long before the Second Elven War. It had stood as one of the final bastions...
  2. House Armon

  3. Magdiel Apsara

    Help Request Does this exist? Group for Nobles

    Is there a group for Nobles? I have a lord's daughter in Oban and am curious as to whom she/ her family might be well- aquainted with.
  4. Lionel Armon

    Open Chronicles A Dark Dalliance (Snacks invited)

    It is said that the shadows of nobility are deeper than any darkness, some say it is a darkness that casts a shadow on darkness itself. In the depths of the noble cast's deepest darkest secrets, where non pure of heart dare to delve too deep, are found the slave merchants, the prostitution...
  5. N

    Open Chronicles From the Slums

    Vel Anir Kolvar Vayra He hated this city. Even more than Elbion, even more than Allira. This city, Vel Anir was the worst of them all. It was here that the nobles stepped on the lower classes. Where a prince could kill a peasant and find no charges pressed against them. In Vel Anir money...
  6. MadokaShinsei

    Roleplay OOC Looking for Noble House or College Rivalry/Assassins!

    Hello and welcome! I'm currently in a bit of a position with my main character at the moment. His name is Sortinous Bael, a noble of House Bael and the sole survivor of their massacre (details lie later in this post or on his page linked via his name). House Bael was once a well respected house...
  7. D

    Open Chronicles Those On High

    Taagi Baara Steppes - Southern Reaches "Of course not, My Lady." Her voice was soft, even, a pleasant smile on her face and her eyes as gentle as she could make them be. The woman in front of her was a mess of tears and saliva, having spent the last three hours sobbing like a child who had lost...