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    A land once ruled by Dragons and Gods opens, but not every secret of Arethil's past is safe to uncover.


  1. Kjaran Mak Aodha

    Fable - Ask The Butcher's Bill

    Kjaran wept. He'd awoken with a start to find himself on his knees amidst the dead. Some of the bodies still squirmed and moaned, the sounds pitiful. The aftermath of a battle was a terrible thing. They'd left Ulrikstead two days ago, a collection of the local huscarls and mercenaries hired...
  2. Hahnah

    Fable - Ask Fire on the Horizon

    It all spiraled out of control. Several elven towns near the Falwood Portal Stone banded together to push back against the encroaching grasp of influence from Vel Anir. There had been some resistance in the past--shadowed schemes and guerrilla fighting--but this was nothing short of meeting a...
  3. Alexandros

    LFG In Need of a Contractor?

    Greetings! We are back at this again with a new character! A Athallian mercenary captain willing to fight for monies or what not, or attempt to debate the morality of actions in the realm. I've a few ideas for plots, but it will all depend on the characters that are intreasted in participating...
  4. S

    Open Chronicles Vampires in the House up the Way

    Drunken table dancing. You run the idea by a sober person, and they're liable to say, What the hell is wrong with you? That's where the beer, ale, mead, wine, or--in this case--rum comes in. Then, you don't care if you look like an idiot. Hell, get a few other idiots to join you and convince...
  5. Aeyliea

    Pandemonium Not Worth The Price

    Streamers of fog yet lingered in the air, the humidity slowly ebbing away to more tolerable levels as the sun finished its work burning it off. Here, in parts of the slums leading to the Shallows, the air smelled of the fens only a mile or less away, the air rich with life and the subtle...
  6. Aeyliea

    LFG Not Worth The Price

    Hello! I am looking to start a thread with this character involving one to three partners. Aeyliea heads a mercenary company out of Alliria, an operation that has been ongoing for a couple of years. It is gaining reputation but still small The thread idea is a contract with a local, well to...
  7. Al'Kaliit

    Private Tales The Assassin, The Summoner, and The Greedy

    Al'Kaliit is on an abandoned structure a group she used to raid with built a few months ago. It is a small sandstone shack-like building of egyptian style with, three rooms: two bedrooms and one bigger room. Nothing except the walls and ceiling were left and the floors were flooded with the sand...
  8. Thren

    Private Tales On The Road

    Alliria - Outskirts Thren sat quietly on the edge of a cart, his heavy armor resting on his shoulders, the two daggers he carried settled into place on the small of his back. Half a dozen men and women scrambled all around him, some of them loading crates, others busying themselves with one...