1. Fraeya

    Fate - First Reply A Court of Dragons and Mist

    Her lungs burned and her legs ached. Even though it was cool, sweat still slid down her face, plastering blonde wisps of hair to skin. She just had to get to the line. But it was still far. Too far. For the millionth time she wished she was fae. Then she’d be faster. So much faster...
  2. M

    Open Chronicles Thirst for more

    Maton was dancing around in a pub, mid day. The overwhelming smell of booze and swet caused by the armoured fellows there to grab a cheap drink just to have the day pass. Barely lit up by some candles and supposedly magic from the extremely fatigued thin barkeeper. Cloaked people standing alone...
  3. Kala

    Private Tales Four Horns and A Crown

    Malphias Kala liked stealing crowns. There was something about the prestige of it that she well and truly enjoyed. Kings, Emperors, hell even whatever the fuck a Duke wore on his head was good enough for her. Most of the time they weren't even the most valuable thing in the place, but there...