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    A land once ruled by Dragons and Gods opens, but not every secret of Arethil's past is safe to uncover.


  1. Jane

    Fate - First Reply Wrongdoing

    Wouldn't be the first time Jane ended up in a jail cell. Heh, Mainlanders. To be fair, yes, all those other times she was drunk and disorderly. But not this time. Hell, she just got here in Yarrick. Some little outta the way goatfuck town east of the Bystra River, south of the Wda, and west of...
  2. N

    Open Chronicles Deals In The Dark[Alliria]

    The Serpent's Kiss Navaia lay half curled behind the bar of her tavern, chin resting in her hand, eyes fixed on the man in front of her. He was stuttering as he spoke, his hat in hand, sword on his belt, and a purse full of gold on the other side of his hip. The smile plastered on her face was...
  3. Kala

    Open Chronicles The Wrong Job

    Alliria - Sewers "That didn't work out too well." Kala commented to the others as she dropped from the ladder and landed with a thud on the stony outcropping just to the side of a river of shit. Her nose crinkled slightly, lips turning as the contents of her stomach threatened to spill out...
  4. Faelin K'Abveirin

    LFG Sweet crime takes it's time.

    Aight here's the shopping cart: -Get a silversmith (Done) -Get a necromancer -Get somebody super charismatic And here's the plan: step 1: Get the necromancer to haunt a town with ghosts step 2: Sell silver blades at a steep cost with the help of amazing charisma skills step 3: ??? = PROFIT...
  5. N

    Open Chronicles Fire In the Cove

    Bayou Garramarisma - Thule Port Kellen stood at the prow of the small ship as it crept through the swampy waters and towards the port of Thule. The small town lay ahead of him, covered in vines and mangrove trees. Lights danced throughout the entire village, and he could hear the raucous...
  6. N

    Private Tales Criminals In the Reach

    Allir Reach - Vess Kellen had never much liked the Allir Reaches. The little podunk towns that no one ever went to save to disappear, the farmlands, all the forest. He much preferred the cities, being around people, cloaking himself in half a dozen different ways. Out here? Out here he felt...
  7. N

    Private Tales No Law, No Order

    Alliria The Shallows Things were quiet, though that was nothing new, they often were on this side of Alliria. The Merchant Council liked to pretend that the city was something of a haven for anyone and everyone. They said that they were xenophobic like Vel Anir or broken like Elbion. That...