Biographical information
18 Vel Anir
Physical description
Human Female 5'0" 135 pounds Blonde Golden-Orange Fair
Political information
Dreadlord Initiate
Out-of-character information
Eilerias 7/6/2022 https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/79176969

"Yes its true, for only $2.95 per minute I will leave you


Ysobel is rather short and toned due to years of training. She has always been athletic, practicing gymnastics from a young age which is evident with both her power and flexibility of her body when she moves.

She is usually seen with her long blonde hair let down with a strand or two tucked behind her ear and her body covered in a simple tunic and pants. She is almost never seen in a gown or skirt of any kind as they hinder her ability to move freely; she claims she would sooner attend her classes naked than wear a dress.

On missions, she is seen in deep red and gold armor and typically fights with a sword and shield.

Skills and Abilities

Aeromancy and Hydromancy with Proficiency in:
  • Suffocation: Ysobel has the ability to pull the air out of someone, effectively suffocating them. Much like suffocation by someone's hands, it will not kill instantly. However, it can be cast from afar making it a much safer alternative to getting rid of those you do not wish to be around.
  • Lightning: Ysobel can manifest small amounts of lightning, usually only coating her body to protect herself. She does swear, however, that one day she will yield lightning bolts like spears and smite those who hurt her. It's mostly a joke. Sort of.
  • Weather manipulation: Ysobel can summon rain, hail, and snow which put out fires but can just as easily be used offensively. She can also freeze water or blood as well as summon powerful thunderstorms.
She draws energy from the air around her. It is not something she can turn off or control yet, so she is unable to not be filled to the brim with energy.


They didn't call her the Queen of Storms because she was calm.

She has always had a temper. A bad one at that. She is extremely quick to anger and has explosive reactions to minor inconveniences.

Before she was medicated by The Academy, she had boundless energy. Energy that had to go somewhere. Anywhere. She could be cocky and obnoxious, taunting the older classmates as they beat her, but even she knew when things were going to get bad for all of them. Lightning would arc through her hair. Skies would darken. Thunder would roar.

People would get hurt.

Alias(es?): Yoh, Stormy, Essie

She holds grudges like no other.

Biography & Lore

Born to a poor family of farmers on the outskirts of Vel Anir, Ysobel was the magical child hidden amongst four siblings. With droughts frequently affecting their farmlands her family struggled to stay afloat, often finding themselves a month or two behind on any payments the owed.

Her family knew of her powers, she could have easily saved their land but they forbid her from helping in fear of their neighbors or the Dreadlords finding out about her.

Just before her seventh birthday she heard her parents talking one night. A particularly bad drought had plagued their lands, leaving them without food or money to pay the city. She saw no other options. She was a big girl and she was going to fix it all by herself with a lone cloud bringing life back to only their land, the bright green sticking out amongst the dry brown grasses of their neighbor's land.

The time between angry neighbors threatening her family and her being taken away was a blur, but she will never forget the bloody scene filled with those she was only trying to help.
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