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Anomalous Gemini

Basic Information
Twins Ageless due to their nature, however can still be killed. Natural Gemini, Artificial Gemini
Physical description
Eyes, Blood, Gemini Mark
Out-of-character information

The Gemini are primarily a race of Twins, with few exceptions. Born as a single being, they are usually split in two shortly afterwards, either side taking different aspects of the original, known as the Prime. From there they are tied together only by the Shared Fate Curse and a telepathic link. While most call each other siblings, a Pair can identify each other however they like. Besides these few things and the rules of their creation, the only thing set in stone for a Gemini is that both pass at the same time, for the Curse makes it so.


The race known as Anomalous Gemini are what their name implies, by nature anomalous. The species has very little set in stone, with almost every aspect varying. Size, base appearance, and even the magics they use vary greatly from one Gemini to the next. The one thing that is the same with each member is their creation; being born of excess energies activated by some sort of event, each Gemini starts as a single being before forced apart into their normal form of Twins. Ageless and born without the need to eat or drink, the Gemini take up habits and personalities that originate from their birthplace and the magic that was used to bring them to life, but also evolve based off what they go through and the effect it has on them, including the influence of their own Twin.


Auric is the language of the Gemini. Verbally, it is silent, as the Gemini use their arcane aura to communicate by manipulating it to interact with the aura of others in a way that forms different patterns that translate to words they can understand. Thid can be thought of as similar to thought transfer, but through arcane aura instead of directly through thoughts. In most cases a Gemini is born knowing this language, as well as the written variant which takes the form of vibrant and elegant images and runes when a Gemini uses their aura on parchment. If a Gemini uses this to write something down, they can store the records of an entire Era on just a few pages.

Both of these languages can be learned, but doing so traditionally takes a long time of training oneself to manipulate their aura in just the right way.


Gemini are diverse in almost every way, from their general size to the smallest detail. In most cases a Gemini will take on an appearance which reflects the magic they wield, the magic which brought them to life. An example are the Gemini known as Sol and Luna. Sol was formed from a sun, amd thus his appearance is fiery and bright, his very temperature high enough to char paper just by touching it. Luna was of the moon, her hair and eyes taking on a silvery white hue to reflect the silver light of the moon.

However, a few key details always show who they are. These are the eyes and blood of a Gemini, as well as the Gemini Mark which every member of the race has somewhere on their body.

The eyes of a Gemini will always shine with their magics natural color, and will always glow bright when the Gemini is using large amounts of their power. Sol's eyes reflect the fire of the sun, shimmering a bright orange and red, while Luna's eyes shine bright silvery white, just like the surface of the moon.

The final point to identify a Twin is their Gemini Mark, each pair of Gemini having some kind of mark which represents each other on their body. Sol and Luna share a mark on the back of their hands, a simple tribal sun with a crescent moon in it's center. The marks always face opposite directions, and are always on opposite sides of their Twins' bodies.

Keeping these three details in mind, it should also be known that Gemini can even copy the physical appearance of other races to an extent. Records written by certain members of the race depict some Gemini taking the form of animals, varying humanoid races, and even a very rare few who had at one point taken the form of dragons, though their power was nothing compared to the ancient beasts.


Anomalous Gemini have no set habitat, as who and what they are varies based off the area they are born in, as well as the energy used in their creation. From a barren desert to a lush forest, Gemini can be born anywhere, so long as three specific requirements are met.


The traits of a Gemini, much like their appearance, mainly vary between the different members of the race. Just as with their appearance, the location of the birth and the energies involved usually have an effect on their traits. Few things, each listed below, are set in stone

The first is that the personality of the Gemini is primarily split between the two Twins. Over time this can change, as one of the pair can effect and influence the other, as well as others around the Gemini can influence them.

Each Gemini Pair is connected with each other through a mental link. Through this they can communicate and even send information to each other. This link can also allow one to briefly glance through the eyes of the other.

This link is part of something called the Shared Fate Curse, named by the Gemini themselves. This curse, while linking their minds, comes with a massive drawback.

If one of the Twins were to pass away, the curse would take effect and take the life of the other. After all, how can one half of a single being live without the other half?


The Anomalous Gemini are a race of Pairs, or Twins. Each Gemini is born as only a half, with their respective sibling (or however they call themselves) is the other. So begs the question; what happens if the two halves become whole.

The answer is the Prime. Each Gemini Pair comes from a Prime, the being which split to make them. Merging to become a Prime is not something any can do, as it is one of the few things a Gemini is not born with knowledge of when it comes to their race.

A Gemini Pair usually only hears of this when their Prime decides, unlocking the knowledge of how to become the Prime within their memories. When this happens the Pair will make their own way to merge.

The Prime, when formed, takes on an appearance based on which sibling takes priority in the situation, and can only be formed for a few minutes before being forced apart once again.

This is something few Gemini will do unless their is absolutely no other solution to a situation. While the rather significant increase in arcane power is nice, the amount of energy it takes to maintain the form for even a few minutes takes its toll, and one if not both Gemini will be drained to the point of losing consciousness.



The history of the Anomalous Gemini is one that spans over the last 1000 or so years, and is riddled with carnage due to certain members of the race. To all Gemini of the world, with very few exceptions, the story of the first Gemini is know from birth, as is the chaos they created over the years. The location of their birth, while a place many try to avoid, is one that Gemini hold sacred. While those born there have done little good in their time, it is still recognized by most Gemini as the birthplace of their people.

Hidden in the Spine, just south of the floating city of Thiria, directly at the center of where the mountain range branches into two lies a place known as the Spire City. What was once a mountaintop with a single cave hidden within now stands as a creator riddled with amalgamations of varying races, mindlessly wandering the barren landscape which scars the mountains. This place is littered with massive crystal spires that are filled with massive amounts of magic, some mined away by certain Gemini Hunters who learned how to use these crystals against them.

This place was created around 1000 years before the present day, and was once the to a cult which had an accidental hand in the creation of the first Gemini.

After this event, the Gemini were known as a rather uncommon people, popping up throughout history randomly. The ones who showed up the most are two known as the Darklight Twins, or the FirstBorn Twins to a cult who follows them as goddesses.

Most don't know much about the Gemini due to figures throughout their history ridding the world of information on them for reasons known to only the ones who had a hand in it. Few would know of the Gemini due to this lack of information and their general rarity, however Gemini reside in almost every city, hiding among the citizens and blending as best they can.

Many have asked throughout time, "Why don't the Gemini make themselves more known, why do they hide?" The answer is simple; they hide for fear of the Darklight Twins, only the followers of the Darklight being open about who they are, though not very friendly about it. These cultists Gemini wreck havoc whenever they can, always in the name of their goddesses and always in an attempt to bring the word of the FirstBorn back into the world, though not even they know where their leaders are hiding.

This causes issues for the Gemini who simply wish to live in peace, as these cultists give Gemini a bad name, making some believe Gemini are destroyers by nature. These days, the Gemini hide not from the Darklight Twins, but instead from a chapter of Templars who hunt them down due to the actions of this cult.


The Journal of a Gemini Supporter

Little is known of the Gemini, at least not to most outside the race itself. While rare, they aren't unknown, and at least a few Gemini reside in every city, and many more in the wilds. No known city was built by them, and any civilizations they inhabited in the past had most records of them wiped for unknown reasons, though certain traces hint at a war of some kind.

That being said, not all of the Gemini is lost.

Having met some in my travels, I discovered they have a sacred place, a land they consider holy. It's exact location is unknown, but they did speak of mountains.

Others explained that Gemini have no set form, and can take the appearance of any living creature, from a wild animal to any humanoid, and even dragons in the far past.

Besides these facts and the general knowledge that they are formed from magic, little else is known, and the Gemini themselves refuse to tell for fear of their past returning to finish a war frozen in time.

Rules of Creation

There are a set of 4 rules which decide when and where a Gemini Pair is created.

1. There must be at least 2 types of energy in excess present.

2. The energy must be activated in some way, whether by a simple pulse of magic or some sort of significant event that affects the energy.

3. A Gemini will always split, from their magic to their personality, they will always come as a pair. (Exceptions possible, please ask)

4. Less of a rule and more instructions, this tells the difference between natural and artificial Gemini. Naturals are created without outside help, the course of nature being the only thing which aids their birth. Artificial Gemini are ones who birth was forced by an outside force, whether a god or someone just wanting to experiment.

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