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Quest A Howl in the Night

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A Howl in the Night

Location: Lontana - small peninsula above the Cairou River, East of Elbion
Reward: Pelts & any loot in the village, 500 Crowns, & ‘Hit The Apple, Not My Face!’ – A Detailed Guide to Archery’ This book even includes instructions for constructing a simple bow and targets
Contractor: Jane Doe
Led: N
Quest: In the village of Lontana, it is said that you can view the most beautiful sunsets overlooking the Gulf of Liad. This has drawn many tourists over the years and it wasn't until recently that someone made their way to Elbion with the tale of death come darkness.

The man said that he narrowly escaped the clutches of the citizens of Lontana when they all became werewolves at nightfall. No other tourists have made such claims but that could be because they are all dead or have been turned into werewolves themselves.

Your quest (should you choose to accept it) is to travel to Lontana and investigate the man's story. If it is true, you are to wipe out the population of murdering werewolves that live there. We cannot have them spreading their disease further.

For your reward, you will go to the Tiver Pub in Elbion and ask for Jane once the job is done. At least three pelts will be accepted as completion of the job and they will be yours to keep along with anything else you want in the village.

Quest Noct Yaegir, Something stirring in the Night

Quest Status
Quest Location
Allirian Reach

Something stirring in the Night

Location: Ashborne, North of Alliria along the Sayve River
Reward: 500 Crowns and 2 Noct Yaegir Coins
Contractor: Lower member of the Merchant Council, Albert Bohng
Led: No
Sign-ups: Reynard De Eramant
Quest: The town of Ashborne has gone quiet and Albert Bohng would like to know why. Established as a shipping town with strategic location along the Sayve, allowing conveyance of goods exported from the Spine, Albert Bohng has invested a good deal of coin in establishing the the town as a moderately sized trading outpost. Putting Argyle Covington in charge of the town as Warden and extension of the Merchant Council, it has been a fairly successful endeavor. Until recently.

Recent messages have spoke of fortnight disturbances, cabal practices taking hold of the town and the townspeople. People who are reasonable for the majority of the time but take on occult practices that include rituals and suspected abductions. The most recent letters sent by Warden Covington spoke of creatures of the night (Vampires) establishing a coven within the town, killing townsfolk on whims, and bending local superstitions to the implementation of false religions. He suspects it's in an effort to strengthen the hold over the townspeople.

Having a mind grounded in reality, Council Member Albert Bohng gives no credence to these claims but wishes for the town to be checked on. He fears that the Warden has been usurped which, in turn, means the Council was usurped. This cannot stand.

The following request has been sanctioned by the Noct Yaegir and is afforded the appropriate seal for proof. It is recommended that this task be completed by a minimum of two hunters.

Quest The Dragon Queen's labours: A discrete assassination

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Quest Status

The Dragon Queen's labours: A discrete assassination

Location: From Eternal city, to Oban
Reward: Enchanted dragon egg shells or an undead fish familiar or sacks of potatoes
Contractor: Sathirena, Eternum Constable
Led: No
We will require one of the best architects in Arethil, he can be found in Oban. Perhaps you have seen his castles, impenetrable to any siege equipment, and his marvellous palaces that bring kings to their knees. Antoni Loos is his name, perhaps that now rings a bell. The dragon queen demands him to work on the Eternal City, Sanctuary.
Surely he will not want to work for the Eternum, but we have ways to change his mind.

An enchanted dagger is offered to the contractor, one that is crucial to make him cooperate.
Trap his soul with this dagger, the final strike that kills must be done with it to work.
We require both the body, as unharmed as can be, and the dagger to not consider this mission a failure.

Now, your deeds will be appropriately rewarded, with some of the finest goods found in our haul.
  • Rare Eretejvan blue dragon egg shells. These egg shell shards belong to eggs with a length of one meter, they will be distributed in sacks, each weighing some 10.5 pounds. If you are in luck you may be able to reconstruct an egg or find a larger complete shape within the sacks. The egg shells resonate in frost magics and make fine alchemical or magical reagents.
  • Sacks of potatoes. Grown from Steve's famous garden of course. They're excellent potatoes. (Or perhaps Sathirena just wants to get rid of them.)
  • 1 skelletal pufferfish thrall/pet. It flies and will glow in your chosen pastel colour. (It will last some 5-9 years or so before the magic will wane, but we won't tell you that.) You can negotiate for a different kind of fish.

Quest Hoard of the Dragon Queen I

Quest Status
In Progress
Quest Location
Core Lore Eretejva Tundra
Quest Link
Link to roleplay

Hoard of the Dragon Queen I

Location: Blood Lake, Eretejva Tundra
Reward: 500 crowns, any loot in the dungeon
Contractor: Leonora Caduca of Mirapol
Led: GM-ed by Nidraak
Sign-ups: Current cast: Garrod Arlette, Sol Eclipse
Quest: Dragons can be quite extraordinary collectors. With as many years they spend on Arethil, they amass and hoard treasure. Treasure that goes beyond mere gold and coin. I'm talking sacred tomes and magical artefacts from long ago, cultures now long forgotten.
One such dragon, Sathirena the Blue of Eretejva has been long rumoured to have abandoned a massive cache that should be easy picking. The lair by the name of Frostspire is rumoured to contain the 'book of Damnation', this is the target of this mission, and any other treasure encountered can be taken by the expedition.

As this is a mountainous lair, difficult traversal is expected. Given that this lair belonged to an Eretejvan Blue Dragon, large rooms of it may be magically infused or coated in ice. Due to being abandoned, it may not be quite vacant as presented.

The only issue is, the location of the lair is unknown. It is rumoured to be situated around the blood lake in Eretejva. Only the dragon keepers are known to have been to the lair and returned alive.

Along with any other irrelevant treasure that has been looted, expect the regular payment of 500 crowns.
If you're up for the task, sign yourself up and Meet Serge Lavier at the Rainrand Inn east of Elbion.
We are seeking a singular expeditioner or a duo.

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