Peripta, The Land Strider


Biographical information
32 ???
Physical description
Kivren Male 6'3" 175lbs Red Sky Blue Teal
Political information
??? Assassin, Researcher, Diplomat
Out-of-character information
Popcornia(Main) / Peripta(Sub) 7/23/2019


Broad, tall, and determined, Peripta is a striking figure. His skin is a light blue, with a pale yellow undercoat along his chest and between his legs. Fins protrude like a crown from his head, pale red and sharp as they jut behind him. These colors often change, blending to suit the environment when he camouflages, but so far, his anatomy cannot be changed.

Peripta wears little besides a skirt of cloth and leather, resistant to water, around his waist, and a collar of the same material with a small necklace. He often grasps this when using magic, or when invoking Kiva.

Skills and Abilities:

Diplomacy: Despite his origins, Peripta has a knack for speaking with land-dwellers. He often can surmise their basic wants, intents, or other details from several minutes of conversation, not withstanding what else he can learn from speaking even further. This skill rarely comes handy, as many fear and revile him for his origins. A sharp tongue has helped him escaped more than one metaphorical fishhook, however.

Anatomy: Peripta has always been fascinated by flesh and what lies beneath, and his time on land has only increased his knowledge of mortal workings. While he cannot use this knowledge to heal, he can generally diagnose basic conditions. More often than not, this skill is used as a tool to know where a convenient blade should strike. Whether to injure, maim, or kill.

Survival: There is no location too lifeless, too difficult for Peripta to find the necessities of survival. Only threats of arcane origin can possibly defeat him in this field. With this skill, Peripta is also familiar with wildlife, plantlife, and even some basic geology.


Stands Out...When He Wants To: It is not difficult to pick Peripta out from most other land dwellers, even from other Kivren. But if he can be seen, it's because he wants to be.

Every Problem Is a Nail: Peripta often sees problems in groups, and has difficulty finding multiple solutions for a particular set of challenges. His main tools are diplomacy, assassination, and not much else.


Calculating, yet diplomatic. Cunning, yet amicable. Compromising, yet ruthless. Peripta is many contrasts, especially to his species. Most of his life has been spent on land, and he has come to adapt to the, in his opinion, mercurial personalities of land-dwellers. He understands a situation can change in an instant, and he is ever ready to extend a hand while keeping a knife behind his back.

Underestimate him at your own risk. He may be a lone Kivren, but he has more allies than one would presume.


All magic relies on a medium and a payment, but Peripta has found a most obvious fuel for his domain. Focusing less on maddened scribbling, payments to divine beings, or other forms of sacrifice, Peripta's magic is fueled by taking on the aspects of plants, animals, or even the earth and stone itself. In lieu of other names, Peripta has named this particular domain...

Mimicry is an aspect focused domain of magic. It cannot create or destroy, only imitate what has already been induced through natural development. Mimicry cannot copy or mimic aspects caused by other domains of magic.

But what does it mimic? Mimicry can copy traits. For example, a red berry bushel found in the forest. Mimicry could impart the color of the berry onto its caster's skin, or the toxins within the fruit could be infused into the caster's teeth, talons, or blood. This of course, consumes the berry, and the effect only lasts for a short period of time. Larger amounts of material increase the duration, potency, or even the application of the magic.

Common applications include camouflage, poisoning, and embodying traits of animals. The only limit is creativity and material, and Peripta has plenty of the former. Don't let yourself become the latter.

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