Neremyn Virvyre

Neremyn Virvyre

Biographical information
Fal'Addas 380 years old Fal'Addas
Physical description
Lythari, Falwood Elf Sylvan Male Average Elf Height Lean Brown and Grey Emerald Weather-beaten
Political information
Fal'Addas Elder Council Druid, Council Advisor Sylvan Elves Ere, The Green Wolf
Out-of-character information
Pantomime Tomasz Chistowski, Artstation

Ere has a strong presence despite his average stature. While he is full blooded elf, he shows his age as if it were a fashion statement. His long unkempt hair is a motley of black, brown, and grey. He wears his beard unshorn and natural, held against skin tanned by the sun and wrinkled by the wind. Often wearing either robes or armor composed of natural materials, he has the appearance of a wild man enveloped by an air of wisdom.

Skills and Abilities
-Master of Druidic Natural Magics, capable of derailing events.
-Best kept secret, known outcast of the Lythari Sect.
-Crafty and clever
-Decent in a fight, absent his magics. Though he prefers peaceful routes.

Nature and the forest as as cruel as they are kind. Indifference and love go hand in hand. In light of this, Ere works in a similar fashion that drives many to consider him inconsistent, if not outright chaotic. Being prone to fits of kindness and prolonged moments of cruelty, he treats his life as an embodiment of natural tendencies.

Despite the expectation that he should revere Drakon as a singular entity guiding his magics, Ere approaches spirituality from a holistic mindset. Appreciating the entirety of the Pantheon, he uses this understanding to guide his abilities.

The Virvyre family is one spoken of quietly within the hooded trees of Fal’Addas. While some would say that this oddly distinguished, yet particularly eccentric, sect of elves has no bearing on the future of the world, others would argue that they precede the creation and will invariably exist afterwards. Considered by some to be timeless, more loquacious members of the Virvyre speak of the epochs long ago, in the ages of the Uroghosh and Wonders, as if they had lived through it. But even the most forgiving of the Sylvan elves gives not a single copper towards the truth of it.

Ere was born many centuries ago into a holding of Druid Elves, within a village not entirely unlike Fal’Addas. The forest, sung and twisted to exist as more than itself, was a microcosmic world that offered shelter to the group as they praised the Celestials and sung of their ways. From a very early age, Neremyn was fully aware of his existence as a Lythari. His genealogy, which matched that of those around him, was the reasoning for the initial exclusion from the Virvyre sect. And those who had been cast out found contentment in their banishment, learning ways of magic that the Virvyre often preached, yet never practiced.

Above all else, Aionus was the God of the Virvyre. It was a common rumor that exaltation of time, twisted perception of reality, and braggadocio regarding the traveling through time and extra planar worlds, was the catalyst for the Virvyres creation. And for their ways. They perceived life as a light shined through a refractory, given countless options, all of which were tainted by the choices one could make. Each breath or moment was another opportunity, each as pointless as the next, as fate was inevitably tied to the outcome of every life. It was this realization, the power to potentially change minor outcomes while having no true affect, that drove some Virvyre to find themselves in endless torment. Depression, corruption, and madness were fairly common results of being born under this Elven name.

The Lythari, moved from the realm of Aionus, began to take Drakon on as their deity. Merging Divine Magic with Nature, they developed a strong form of Druidism that tied life and death with the powers of change. For nearly a third of his life, Ere worked to master this form of magic. His principles of chaos and the nature of entropy, the give and take of the universe, meshed well with the mandates of Nature. Incidentally, it also meshed well with the teachings of the Virvyre proper. Much to his mother and fathers displeasure, not only was Ere every bit a part of the non excluded sect, but he could willfully shift between the mindset of Nature and the mindset of Time.

It made for a particularly unpredictable mindset, one that led to an unfortunate fallout between he and his excluded family. It was a irreconcilable difference of opinion, one that led to Ere leaving the encampment and rejoining Fel’Addas. He was immediately noted by the Elder Council and taken in for his abilities, given the opportunity to administrate and consult. When given the opportunity to be more than a talking wallflower, he refused. His predisposition would not allow for leadership and his tendency towards bouts of destruction made for a poor form of Elven leadership.

Oddly enough, the curse of the Lythari was no longer considered as such. Enough time had been thrown away in the canopy of the deep Falwoods for the Virvyre to learn from their judgments. While those who remembered the schism could never forgive one another, Ere had no time for holding judgments and he held no ill will. Being a Lythari had had almost no impact on his life and yet, it was the meaning of his banishment and eventual re-inclusion into the Elven society.

His family would not be persuaded to follow, leaving him alone in an otherwise homogeneous society. He perceived that as his cue to begin his traveling, which took him to otherworldly places such as Thiria. It also took him to the mud of Allira and to the false pillars of Elbion. It was there that when given the opportunity, he established himself as a third tier Maester. The final round of reviews taught him the importance of knowing people, having proper coin, and how little he cared for the process. Yet he maintained his position in the college, deciding that teaching and wandering would be his ultimate goal. Druidism was not nearly as prominent in society as he would have hoped.

Moving from place to place, taking part in what he can, Ere feels an odd involvement in the world that seems to hold him at a distance. Perhaps he’s simply looking for a way to change that.

Current Status
Ere is a formidable component of the Elder Council of Fel'Addas. While he's not an active member, given his unusual concerns regarding leadership and the importance of entropy, he actively consults and advises based on trade relationships with the various nearby cities. This leads him to serve as an unofficial envoy to Vel Anir, Elbion, Falwood, and Thiria. He is actively works to establish druidism as a critical component of College magic, taught throughout the Region.


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