Kira Mako

Yin and Yang​

Kira Mako

Biographical information
Falwood 21 Falwood Dens
Physical description
Kitsune Female 5'8 Slender Black Blue Milky
Political information
Council of Nine Brushes Scholar and partner to Mibu
Out-of-character information
Raven Jan 2018 Chuby Mi


“Fox-girl”—whatever images the words conjure, are probably accurate regarding Kira Mako. The slightly older twin to Mibufuda Mako, Kira is tall and slender with creamy skin that hugs her each and every curve. Her twin’s polar opposite, Kira’s hair, large vulpine ears, and thick, luxurious tail are all gleaming ebony in colour. Piercing blue eyes watch from over the top of whatever book she finds herself buried in… or rolling sarcastically in response to whatever her brother is doing

Skills and Abilities

Book smarts: Both of the Mako twins grew up with their snouts thoroughly buried in books. Between them, Kira’s love for the written word was perhaps slightly stronger, making her the smarter of the two (if you ask her, at least). There is very little Kira hasn’t read at some point or another

Classically Trained: While never having travelled to study, Kira had access to the best books as well as a private tutor in the ways of magic. While unlikely to find the power to drop mountains on her enemies, Kira had significant natural talent and is more than capable of defending herself

Hot-shot: Perhaps born of the natural rivalry between herself and her brother, Kira’s affinity for magic seemed to be strongest with fire spells, while Mibu had a gravitation towards ice. He considers that if anyone finds themselves peppered with bolts of fire from his sister… they did something to deserve it

Kitsune shapeshifting: Like her brother, Kira—being Kitsune—naturally has the ability to shift between her natural form of a large fox, the humanoid form with vulpine tail and ears, and the shape of a lanky elf


In many ways, Kira is everything Mibu is not. Her brother is fun-loving, touchy-feely, almost puppy like in some respects; Kira, on the other hand, is much more cat-like in her disdain for general contact. Preferring to remain content behind one of her tomes or scrolls, the young reluctant adventurer generally leaves the social interactions to her brother… stepping in only to correct him

Biography & Lore

With dark fur and a mewling whimper, Kira was the first-born of the Mako twins. Unusual for a Kitsune litter to be so small, perhaps, but the pair seemed to grow closer than even other siblings and families—possibly due to there being only the two of them. While Mibu seemed restless and eager to explore, Kira by contrast was more than happy to curl up on her tail and read good books.

She did not often venture beyond the den, and when she did, the girl was tucked in a tome and shielded by her brother. This, along with subtle glimpses of her natural beauty and her twin’s fierce warnings that she was off-limits, seemed to come together to give the girl a mysterious, exotic air. However, if Kira noticed, she never made known.

Finally, when the twins were 19 and Mibu’s sense of adventure had been seduced by some travelling merchant, he could take their simple life no longer and convinced her to leave the safety of their den. Truly she had hated the idea… until he had mentioned all the lost knowledge the iuk'n'delta basin ruins might hold.


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