Mibufuda Mako

Mibufuda "Mibu" Mako

Biographical information
Falwood 21 Falwood dens
Physical description
Kitsune Male 6'5ft Lanky Cream white pale blue soft peach
Political information
Council of Nine Brushes Archeologist and partner to Kira
Out-of-character information
AuricHalcyon Jan 2018 https://www.deviantart.com/sakimichan


Long silken, creamy white hair spills across Mibu's shoulders and often out of any method of containing. In his Kitsune form, he is a long-haired snowy fox as long as his human form is tall, shedding everywhere. He spends a lot of time in his human form due to the nature of his job and the need to journey around outside the protective dens that most Kitsune never leave. Mibu is young, easy smiling and touchy-feely. His body is very toned and muscled from digging, running, carrying heavy things and exercising across the course of his adventures.

Skills and Abilities

Scholar of history-Spending all his youth with a nose burried in books, researching ancient lost cities and societies, adventures and lost legends, make him somewhat of a knowledgable sort. While his sister is the expert, Mibu is not without some knowledge in ancient lores.

Athletic- Mibu is extremely graceful and quick on his feet even in human form. He's the sort who can walk a tightrope without much effort.

Trap-finding: Mibu is great at finding and disabling ancient traps and triggers in long hidden temples.

Basic warding- Mibu is adept at basic warding/protection magic, by writing down words to ward off damage he creates barriers around himself or barring a portal. He can do this no more than five times a day and always the paper burns away when overloaded by sufficient force or when the ward wears off. The longest he is able to keep this up is an hour.

Basic ice magic: While Kira is far more powerful and capable at magic, Mibu can produce a few blasts of icy spears. Using ice-magic is very taxing and he performs only three attacks a day. After using this magic, Mibu is often exhausted and requires practically his own weight in food to regain his strength.

Hand-to-Hand combat- Being a Kitsune, he doesn't favour fighting with weapons, but instead grows his claws out and has learned how to fight on two legs when he must. Mibu generally reverts to his fox form when confronted, but in some circumstances he is aware its better to stay human-looking. As a result he's fairly good at brawling.

Kitsune-shapeshifting- Like all kitsune Mibu can naturally change his shape from the giant fox that is his true form into that of a humanoid. Presently he is able to transform into an elf and human. Strong emotions may cause his tail or ears to pop out while in this form.


Despite the kitsune reputation with Elves, Mibu is a generally agreeable sort. He speaks with a noble accent, is quick to smile and gets along well with others. He is open-minded, generally gentle to those weaker than him and slow to anger. His real passion is not people, but knowledge and discovery and this passion manifests in his love of ancient ruins and searching for idols from long lost civilisations.
Mibu has little time for bullies, however, and does contain a tricky personality likely to cause mischief. Annoying him sufficiently may result in returning to find your furniture somehow stuck to the ceiling.
His way of speaking- often using large words and relying on a belief that his audience is as well-read on esoteric tomes as himself can cause those with a smaller vocabulary and capacity to struggle in keeping up or feel overwhelmed. He is bad at 'dumbing down' his words.
Perhaps his biggest weakness is protectiveness for his sister, and he does not approve of non-kitsune men who attempt to woo her. They are well-to-do in their den and his sister is the only one who can read ancient Dwarven runes, not some meat-bag human or non-fox.
Mibu has a soul of exploration at his heart and never settles in one location for long, preferring to chase the next big discovery- drawing ever closer to his true goal of the Iuk'n'Delta ruins.

Biography & Lore

A small secluded den in the Falwood, where noble Kitsune home gave birth to only two kits one summer. The first, a beautiful black kit, Kira, and the second, her white furred brother, Mibufuda. The two have been inseparable since birth. Being from a well-to-do family they had ample access to books and money and used this to bury themselves in ancient lores and legends, studying late into the mornings and dreaming of leaving their comfortable home and adventuring in the wide world. As food was always abundant they never had to consider eating other sentient species, and their community was well-secluded so kidnapping elves or humans was more of a rumor than a habit.
When they were nineteen, Mibu convinced his sister they were old enough and adult enough to leave the comfort of their den and explore. This had nothing, at all, in any way, whatsoever, to do with a wandering merchant's grand tales of a great temple uncovered in the iuk'n'delta basin.
Gathering ample coin and provisions, they set out on a scholarly adventure, to map the continents, explore the great libraries of the cities of humans and other non-fox and delve into ancient, deadly, lost ruins filled with spiders, traps and golden idols.


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