Jürgen Kaiser

Jürgen Kaiser

Biographical information
400+ Reikhurst (Allir Reach, on the Sayve River)
Physical description
Vampire (formerly human) Male 6'4" 220 lbs. Gray Yellow Corpse-like Pallor
Political information
None Vampire Lord
Out-of-character information
VigiloConfido Pinterest (Could not find actual artist)

Appearance and Equipment

* Medium-length gray hair, gray beard, yellow eyes, pale skin, 6'4", large and stocky build.

* Usually clad in his Regal Plate Armor of old. Wears a blue, fur-collared cape and the crown of the Third King to solidify his royal appearance.

* Unarmed, save for his clawed hands. In his right hand he constantly holds the Bloodstone.

Skills and Abilities

Claws and Fangs: Physical mutations brought on by his vampirism, his fingers are elongated, razor-sharp, bony claws. Also has permanent, non-retractable twin fangs.

Vampirism: Must regularly feed upon the blood of living humanoids. Yet, while Jürgen holds the Bloodstone, he has for himself boundless satiation, and avoids the ills of being bloodstarved.

Physical Enhancement (Granted by Vampirism): Heightened durability of his bones. Nightvision and enhanced smell. Inhuman strength, speed, and reflexes. Empowered by the Bloodstone, he may tap into this inhuman physicality to almost no limit. Where normally wounds suffered by a Slaughtern Vampire would only heal after sleeping, Jürgen possesses slow but steady active regeneration.

Magic Dampening (Granted by Vampirism): With the exception of Light-based magic, spells have a greatly diminished effect on his body. However, this also includes beneficial effects and healing as well. Aside from the Bloodstone, he cannot use enchanted items or magical objects to their intended effect.

Light Magic Weakness (Granted by Vampirism): Light based magic affects Jürgen without dampening. Fire magic, usually a weakness of Slaughtern Vampires, is diminished upon him thanks to a resistance provided by the Bloodstone. Sunlight can still paralyze him, but it takes far longer than normal for this paralysis to take effect.

Other Surprises: After feeding three powerful vampiric artifacts to the Bloodstone (one of which provided the Fire magic resistance), Jürgen has access to a couple troublesome spells.


Honor. Duty. Order.

A true Reikhurstan.

Biography & Lore

Jürgen Kaiser gave his word. And upon his honor, he will see it fulfilled. This, even if it means the massacre of the whole of Arethil.

His motivations have not yet been revealed to anyone outside of his inner circle.

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