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    A land once ruled by Dragons and Gods opens, but not every secret of Arethil's past is safe to uncover.


  1. Jürgen Kaiser

    Open Chronicles The Attack on Fort Endurance

    He lay dying on the ground. And though it seemed so distant to him, the thudding footfalls and knucklefalls of the creature--that beast, that grinning thing--as well as the shouts and battlecries of his fellow Guardsmen came from further inside the interior courtyard of the fort. His name was...
  2. Szesh

    Private Tales Verhandeln

    At the mouth of the Sayve river, at the eastern edge of Allir Reach. Szesh followed Captain Bronmarch's directions, and true to his word, Reikhurst was easily found. It was much, much larger than Szesh had anticipated. High walls surrounded what was once surely a glittering city, but that was...
  3. Jürgen Kaiser

  4. Heike Eisen

    Private Tales The Proud Daughter

    His name was Tzuriel Alanthis. And Heike was told that he was once a vampire, and that he had found a cure for his affliction. So she set out to find him. Here, in Alliria. * * * * * She entered the city as she entered all cities: at night, and not through the main gates. Even before the dawn...
  5. Heike Eisen

    Fable - Ask Winter

    "Tell me your name!" Heike said. Her words desperate and pleading. She was crouched down in the snow and the palms of her clawed hands were pressed down on the dying man's shoulders. An empty vial of coagulating salve lay next to Heike's feet. Around them the snow continued to gently fall in the...
  6. Heike Eisen

    Heike Eisen Biographical information Birthplace Born Died Age 29 Home Reikhurst (Allir Reach, on the Sayve River) Ph...