Biographical information
Unknown 18,673 Currently enslaved by the undead
Physical description
Dragon Male 6'8" 185lbs Copper Violet Pale
Political information
Fashion designer, specifically a jeweler
Out-of-character information
Moulder Mythka on Deviantart for the Dragon/Unknown Model by Gabriela Valverde

summary|An archtypical beauty hiding a troubled past, Chaceledon has learned humility through suffering. What was once an arrogant young dragon with the world at his feet has become a shell seeking true fulfillment.



Chaceledon is tall and willowy, with cat-like violet eyes and high cheekbones. His face is distinctly androgynous, and he takes great pains to have his skin flawless. Chaceledon is all about appearances, and it shows. Perfectly plucked eyebrows, carefully stained lips, and pierced ears all contribute to his look. His benchmark are his glass nails, which are softened with dragonfire and moulded to his fingertips, often extravagantly decorated. Likewise his clothing is always overwrought and planned, usually in warm dark palettes of purples and coppers.

Skills and Abilities

Chaceledon is a dragon, and can breathe fire. However, when he is cold this flame is limited to a very small gout, the likes of which could barely maintain his nails or warm a campfire. He is uniquely immune to flames, and as all dragons favors warm locales. Cold is his enemy in all things, as he cannot properly maintain his body temperature alone. Without a pit of warm sand or a hot locale, he is unable to use magic.

Dragonforging: Chaceledon is gifted not only as a lapidary, but as a blacksmith. Thousands of years forced to craft weapons for the Volker family has resulted in him unknowingly rekindling the lost art of forging with dragonfire. Weapons forged this way have the unique ability to flex without compromising strength, meaning blades will not shatter and will last their owners generations.

Luscious Lapidary: Chaceledon has a keen eye for gemstone and precious metal grading. He was once infamous for making pieces that delicately interlocked and unfurled into statements of glass, precious metals, and rare gemstones. His cuts are impeccable, and make the stones easier to enchant.

Fashionista: Your best ally at a party, Chaceledon makes sure everything is done within the trending fashions of Arethil. If a small boutique is skilled in one area, he knows about it. He knows fits, cuts of fabric, and how to best compliment even the most unflattering of figures.

Details, Details: Chaceledon forged an empire by reputation, and that meant he had to pay close attention to fine details of people he was trying to get the attention of. He is attuned to body language, etiquette, and the art of raising up or eviscerating an enemy by words alone.


Chaceledon's enslavement has given him a biting wit and a tongue of lashing steel. He is quick-witted to cut down others, and it takes quite a while to penetrate his defenses. Once one has earned his loyalty, he is a ferociously protective friend. He is overly fussy, concerned with his appearance, and absolutely refuses to 'rough it'. Unlike the Volkers he has spent centuries cultivating and helping to raise, he has very few survival skills. He is more at home at a gala than the woods, and wouldn't be caught dead getting his feet muddy.

Despite his picky nature, Chaceledon can be a protective ally or lover. He is loyal and while he doesn’t love easily he loves hard. Any enemy of a friend, he considers his own enemy. He also has a weakness for children as he nurses a large matronly streak.

On the flip side, if a person earns his ire it is incredibly hard to gain his affections again. Bring jewelry.

Biography & Lore

Chaceledon caught the eye of the wrong man almost 17,000 years ago. An arrogant, beautiful, and young dragon with everything in front of him and impressive family name, he had gathered quite a following among mortals. He was known for elegant galas, parties, shows of extravagance and wealth. Underneath he was a shallow creature, judging others by appearances and making sport of mockery.

Until Oor.

The undead kidnapped him, shoved him in a cold part of the underground where the chill prevented his magic, and broke him. Chaceledon went through systematic torture of the worst kind, until all he knew was subservience. With the introduction of the Volker family to the prison of Witherhold, he regained a modicum of independence. Given the task of raising the Volkers until they could become killers, he slowly re-learned responsibility, empathy, and even love. He became an affectionate if troubled and high-maintenance mother.

While Oor was always careful never to damage him anywhere that could be visible, under his robes he carries as many scars or more than the children he raised.

Chaceledon’s goal is to escape and find some way to reconnect with the family he had lost for so long. He believes they may have fled to a desert after his capture, hiding among the sands.

While running a clean out of his closet in Fal'Addas, Chaceledon came across a young Abtati elf named Seteta. She has vowed to free him and Rheinhard Volker from the chains put on them by their captor. Seteta has managed to burn Chaceledon's marriage robes, and by the laws of fae and dragons he is now divorced from Oor.

The Volkers

“I always felt sorry for him, from the moment I saw him dragged into the garden.” - Lansom Volker, Student of the Bagh Nakh

“His lack of piety was the least of his flaws.” - Atacama Volker, Student of the Flail

“Mom? I think I annoyed him.” - Aluid, Student of the Throwing Knife

“He was kind to us, when he allowed himself to get attached. I think that was the point.” - Brade Volker, Student of the Cutlass

“The right type of man to prevent you from getting your reputation shredded at a party after several bottles of whiskey and vomiting in someone’s vase. Not that I speak from experience...” - Aron Volker, Student of the Fist

“We made pillows out of people we hated. He just found a way to make them prettier.” - Klaus Volker, Student of the Knife



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