Behemoth Cast

Behemoth Cast

Basic Information
High Shield, Brood Carrier The Forbidden City
Physical description
Out-of-character information

Racial Traits

The Hivemind: The Cast can communicate telepathically with each other and even see through each others senses. The driving force behind the swarm is called a Nexus (i.e king, queen, hierarch, etc...), a single entity that provides direction and purpose to the swarm and guides them through this telepathic communications array.

Assimilation: By consuming the flesh of a creature or consuming genetic material into their system their body will assimilate beneficial genetic codes from the material and add that trait to themselves. (Example: A cast consumes the meat of a Basilisk. The genetic essence is assimilated into the cast creature and they gain the ability to turn other creatures to stone on eye contact, or resist the effects of being turned to stone themselves, but rarely both.)

Passive Adaptation: They have the ability to not only survive but to thrive in any environment that they are exposed to.
They can adapt to their environment over a course of a few hours, allowing their bodies to respond and adjust to the stimulation.

Example: When in the frozen Tundra they might grow insulation or a coat of fur. Or if they are in higher elevations they might adapt bigger lungs. Or if they are underwater they might evolve amphibious gills, fins and webbed appendages to allow them to thrive.

Lore & Behavior

The Behemoth lives up to its name. It is a large creature of mighty proportions.
Generally heavily armored tanks for the swarm with a variety of different mutations based on what's needed.

The Behemoth Drone was originally designed to carry heavy loads, but their greater size allows for more variety and flexibility for their uses as seen in their many variations.
Some mutations might seem to classify these creatures as Warrior or Worker Cast, but their mass and potential set them apart in their own category.

These listed are mutation variants of the Behemoth Cast

Evolved with a wide platform on their backs where they spawn hundreds of the Larva Drone from their pods.
Spawn Carrier: They carry a cluster of chrysalis that immediately hatch as fully formed Runner Cast when the creature is threatened.

Devourers are large siege creatures, specializing in the destruction of buildings, walls and other defensive structures. They are heavily armored in thick chitin and are especially adapted to crushing stone and tearing through metal.

Mutated with shield like arms and legs to be able to present a full armored defensive front. Usually in combination with Lancer Drones who use their defensive capabilities to their advantage. They have a symbiotic relationship with the Lancer Drones.
Hard Armor: Their Chitin cannot be pierced or smashed by direct attacks unless by a magical or stronger weapon, and there are no cracks in their defenses from the front.

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