Warrior Cast

Warrior Cast

Basic Information
High Devourer, Hound, Lancer, Runner, Scabber The Forbidden City
Physical description
Out-of-character information
Predator dog concept art, Daniel Edery

Racial Traits

The Hivemind: The Cast can communicate telepathically with each other and even see through each others senses. The driving force behind the swarm is called a Nexus (i.e king, queen, hierarch, etc...), a single entity that provides direction and purpose to the swarm and guides them through this telepathic communications array.

Assimilation: By consuming the flesh of a creature or consuming genetic material into their system their body will assimilate beneficial genetic codes from the material and add that trait to themselves. (Example: A cast consumes the meat of a Basilisk. The genetic essence is assimilated into the cast creature and they gain the ability to turn other creatures to stone on eye contact, or resist the effects of being turned to stone themselves, but rarely both.)

Passive Adaptation: They have the ability to not only survive but to thrive in any environment that they are exposed to.
They can adapt to their environment over a course of a few hours, allowing their bodies to respond and adjust to the stimulation.

Example: When in the frozen Tundra they might grow insulation or a coat of fur. Or if they are in higher elevations they might adapt bigger lungs. Or if they are underwater they might evolve amphibious gills, fins and webbed appendages to allow them to thrive.

Lore & Behavior

The Warrior Drone was created for the swarm, a creature worthy of being the grunt or foot soldier of the swarm, generally not known as the strongest or smartest creatures, their strength generally lays in the numbers and the cunning of the pack and their pack tactics.

They have a single minded goal to eat and adapt and grow, and to do the same for the good of the swarm, they act as hunters of genetic material.

The Warrior Drones are usually large monsters that look spawned from animals and insects, Some parts armored with chitin and other parts covered in coarse fur, scales or thick hide, their teeth point like perfect ivory daggers and their mandibles protrude from inside their mouths to aid in cutting and grabbing prey, their claws are long and razor sharp for deep cuts but also in such a way to allow for the greatest speed while running.

Lore & Mutations

These listed are mutation variants on The Warrior Drone:

Adapted for dealing with armed opponents, they use their large claws to clash with the blades of their opponents, using their lighter armor and agile hopping legs to perry and feint to gain the upper hand and kill their opponent.
They are a mass produced grunt Cast, specialized as foot soldiers for the swarm.

The Swarm Devorador look like huge six legged spiders with the head of a basilisk. Its mouth is full of rows of dagger sized razor sharp teeth, their legs end in claws that punch holes in the ground and heavy armor. They are covered in thick, heavy chitin which provides a natural armor several times stronger than that of the smaller Drones.
They are specialized in combating light and heavy cavalry units.

Mutated for more efficient tracking, hunting, and scouting.
Grimm Grin: Their faces are skull like and grotesque, the sight of it triggers a psychological fear in most creatures.
Banshee Howl: The Swarm Hound can unleash an earie howl from their throats, this acts as a location mechanism, a warning system, and can induce extreme unreasonable fear into the hearts of most creatures.

Creatures infested by the plague are mindless monsters solely bent on killing non-infested creatures. However, they are not aimless. Out of any group of infested a leader will arise, the parasite/plague will differentiate between the infested hosts and determine which one is the strongest or most intelligent amongst the infested group, and a special adaptation will occur in this individual, giving it control over the rest of the infested.

Mutated to provide support to the larger creatures of the Swarm. Able to use their bladed tails as close combat and ranged weapons. This strain has a symbiotic relationship with the Behemoth Shield Drones.
Spine Bolt: They are able to generate sharp spines underneath their halberd tail and fire them at high speed equivalent to a crossbow bolt.
Spider Walk: They are able to scale any surface like a spider.
Healing Bile: Instead of spreading processing bile they spread a green slime over the wounds of injured creatures to rapidly aid the healing process.

General use forward scouts, usually employed by harvester swarms as high speed chasers to run down and quickly incapacitate prey.
Usually created by infesting wolves or using genetic traits from wolves or other high speed running creatures.

Scabber Drones are elite foot soldier type creatures. Effective humanoid fighters capable of higher limited agency in how they carry out the will of the swarm.
They are usually created through infesting goblins or using genetic traits from goblins or goblinoid creatures.
A goblin called Scabbers was the first of his kind in the Swarm.

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