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The purpose of the Alanthis Trade company is to bring wealth, commerce, news, necessities, technology, and even a bit of magic to every village, settlement, city, and metropolis and to all races and creeds.

Wherever they go, they leave with everyone making a profit. They buy and sell, they provide work, they invest, they haggle. Even the most rural hamlets have something worth bringing to the rest of the world, Alanthis and Co. Are devoted to finding those places and putting them on the map.


The entire company is owned by Tzuriel Alanthis, so everyone within the company ultimately works for him.
There are several types of business the trading company engages in.
Land Trade.
Sea Trade.
Warehouse Storage.

The Adventurers guild and monster hunters guild, as well as a few select mercenary companies also get regular cuts of the profits for providing protection for their caravans and trading vessels which have attributed to the success of the company in a huge way.



The Alanthis Trade Empire started as a small three ship trade fleet owned by Amos Alanthis, those few ships brought him and his family great profit and set them up very well. But his only son, Tzuriel Alanthis, wasn't content with the small fortune. He took over the business and started building up an even greater fortune. Those three ships turned into six, those six turned into twelve, and the Alanthis Trade Empire grew like so.

They started out making trade runs from port to port between Elbion and Alliria, but very soon as Tzuriel saw opportunity he began making cunning investments in several lucrative businesses, securing reoccurring suppliers from many different sources and establishing safe and secure trade lines both on land and sea.

Over time they grew to bring supplies to every major city and village from Vel Anir to Belgrath and everywhere in-between.


Tzuriel Alanthis. Merchant trader/goods retailer. Privately sourced supplier/distributor. Investor. Shareholder.

Source of supply:
Llyn Von Stehlen - Mainstream Artificer gadgets/appliances.
Divina Rosenstern - Wine, grain, fur, silk, ships/possible mining and innovations.
Tanneries/Leather works - Hides, cloth, shoes, gloves, armor, saddles, etc.
Iron works - Tools, etc.
Stone works - Mason contractors.
Oban Wine -
Seredic - Wine, workers.

Victoria O'Connor - Monetary support for kingdom? What does she lack? How much stock can he purchase in her kingdom? What dividends will he receive by supporting her?

Seredic- Holds major stock in the company.

Ryado Eldemitri.

Rou Stonewall.

Jürgen Kaiser. Reikhurst, gold.
House Nocterose.
House Armon.
Llyn Von Stehlen.

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