1. Tzuriel Alanthis

    Private Tales On life's wayward trails

    It was a rare opportunity. The formerly self-sufficient country of Mardania was beginning to branch out and initiate more trade between themselves and other countries. The portal stones were finally up and running cutting valuable months off the travel time to reach them and shaving it down to...
  2. Alanthis Trade and Co.

  3. Neremyn Virvyre

    Private Tales A tolaro for your thoughts.

    The box hummed and buzzed, click clacking against the table with every weak bounce and dash of the sealed metal lock. Dimples and green staining embellished the brass as it stood in rattling juxtaposition against an otherwise stalwart border of gold and splintered iron wood. The table was long...
  4. Thren

    Private Tales On The Road

    Alliria - Outskirts Thren sat quietly on the edge of a cart, his heavy armor resting on his shoulders, the two daggers he carried settled into place on the small of his back. Half a dozen men and women scrambled all around him, some of them loading crates, others busying themselves with one...