Abrielle Huxley

Abrielle Huxley

Biographical information
Vel Anir 19 Elbion
Physical description
Human Female 5'3 Light Red, chin length Green Light
Political information
Former soldier, currently a freelancer
Out-of-character information
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Abrielle is a small woman, usually standing noticeably shorter than the other people around her. She has chin length light copper hair and bright green eyes. A thin white coat cinched around her waist with two leather belts covers the light mail hauberk she wears, which is accompanied by worn knee-high leather boots and elbow length gloves. The long spear strapped to her back has seen better days, the haft worn and nicked in multiple places. A long black cloak, a small leather pouch, and a long sword tucked into her belt complete her ensemble. Her adorable face and small stature tend to cause her adversaries to underestimate her.

Skills and Abilities

Abrielle is very skilled with a spear. Being a former soldier of the Anirian Guard, she is also capable of using a sword and crossbow proficiently. Lithe and small, she is able to move and attack with seemingly inhuman speed.


To most people she appears as an energetic hothead but those close to her know she's really a sweet person who cares deeply about those around her. Being Anirian, she is cautiously distrustful of other races though living away from Vel Anir is slowly forcing her to be more open minded. While almost always adamantly following all laws to the letter, she has been known to rarely ignore them and do what she thought was right.

Biography & Lore

Abrielle was born to Olivia Huxley and an unknown soldier father. Her mother fell deathly ill after giving birth and died a couple weeks later. She was brought to live with a cruel man who wanted nothing to do with children and was only interested in the gold he was paid for having her live with him. Abrielle stayed there until she was about 6 years old. That's when she met the Captain - she never did learned his true name - one day while playing alone out in the street. He took one look at her dirty ripped up clothes and went in to talk to the man she was living with. He soon returned with a pack full of her belongings and brought her home with him.

The Captain saw to it that she was well taken care of. Abrielle had all the food she could eat, and was taught to read and write. She was also taught right from wrong and had a deep sense of justice instilled in her. This sense of justice caused her to get into many fights over things she thought others were doing wrong.

On her 18th birthday she joined the Anirian Guard to continue her quest against the injustices she saw around her.

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