knights of anathaeum

  1. Theolonious Montbank

    Private Tales To Rescue and Be Rescued

    Blood marked the pure white wings of Montbank. Wings that trailed the floor of the healer's lodge as they drooped, dejected. He looked down at the tips of his wings as they became further marked. He tried to will his wings to have some dignity. But strength was a distant concept. Behind him was...
  2. Nasrin Fyldirae

    Private Tales Pestilence and Flies

    Rin shouldered the leather saddlebags as she left the dormitories, her dual blades strapped to her sides. She'd been summoned to go on a training exercise with Syr Galvanhad. She was eager for this lesson as she knew the Knight was a Pursuant of Life and she wished to have more practice in...
  3. Ravelyn Anne Conleth

    Fable - Ask Withstand The Heat

    Sparks flew as the fundamentals of the craft and application of the domain of Flame were proven to the world. That all was tinder, all could be consumed, all could glow, all could be ignited and give way to that glorious light and heat that Ravelyn knew as her true place of comfort. Places...