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The Other Side
Character Biography
Tyr - The Black Orchid

"Edromir, you know how foreigners are." It was not often that members of the Deathwatch made their way to the Temple District of Tyr.

Though once a center of the city, the Temple District had long since fallen out of favor with the elite, and in truth...even the commons of the great black city. Named after the towering cathedrals that had been built by the Ogres, the Temple district was home to a dozen churches. Each one dedicated to one of the old Gods of the Ogre'dim. The ancient religion of the Ogres which made up one of the three main populations of Tyr.

Centuries ago the Temples had been visited daily, but as the city had grown and it's people with it, the Ogres had steadily become less religious. Shifting their own beliefs to more align with their Tyrian brothers, most of the grey-giants now worshiped their ancestors instead of distant gods. Despite that, the Temples still held a place of honor within the city.

Even the most ardent atheist unwilling to touch the once sacred buildings.

As a result, the Temple District had become a home for the illicit.

Criminals and those of ill-repute often found haven between the grand Cathedrals built by the Ogres of Old, and a small society in it of itself had been born there. Some thrived within that life, while others could not hold up.

Such was the case with the man now laying dead upon the floor of Seyah's pristine establishment. The floorboards already soaked with sticky crimson. "They don't know the rules."

The Taverness complained quietly.

"It's not my fault the idiot drew a blade, and he ran before he could ev-" Before she could finish, the Deathwatch Lieutenant held up a hand and gently shook his head. Her fellow Tyrian giving her a stern look, perhaps keeping his tongue in check so that she would not unleash some of the famed fury the Taverness was known for.

"Seyah, don't matter what you say. Blood was spilled, worse, man was killed." Seyah grumbled quietly. "We've got to look into it. Just sit tight, you can take a night off while our man investigates."

Edromir insisted, a huff escaping the Taverness. "Well, then where the fuck is he?"

She demanded.
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Theron had waited outside the tavern, allowing the men working under his instruction went to investigate. He knew it was foreign blood, scents mixed in with the top notes of the red life source. It was not until the grim beckoning of one of his men did he move forward, boots heavy against the hardwood flooring as he strode in slowly.

Darkened gold eyes moved about the scene, taking in the business before falling upon the Taverness and the body growing cold on the floor.

Judging from the positioning in the room, this was a hurried kill. Clumsy. Nothing short of a drunken job. Of course, he had yet to hear the details for himself, but Theron could rule out a targeted attack for now.

Until he hears what happened, of course.

"Did he have friends?" His deep voice soft, but spoken clearly as he expected a response. He needed to know if the Death Watch had to go hunting and interrogating.
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"Who?" Seyah asked, her voice tinged with more than a little bit of sarcasm. Knowing that Theron of course meant the dead man on the floor, rather than the foreigner who had done the stabbing. Edromir's look over Theron's shoulder almost immediately chiding.

"No." She sighed, then corrected herself. "Sort of."

The Taverness glowered. Still seething more than inwardly that the whole of her business was shut down for an evening. "Tiella!"

Seyah barked, her voice echoing through the Black Orchid as most eyes turned to her. A few whispers echoing out until finally down a red carpet lined stairway walked a woman dressed in regal read. Slowly she padded her way down to the commons, her head bowed low as she approached the Deatwach sniffer, glancing only briefly at Seyah.

"She was his favorite." The Taverness remarked. "Your regular, yes?"

She asked, Tiella slowly nodding her head. "Yes, Ma'am. Torvill came here near every week, he-"

A sniffle interrupted her words, a single tear rolling down the girls cheek as she continued.

"He was good to me." Tiella finished as Seyah's eyes nearly rolled out of her head.
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Theron gave half a glance to some of his Death Watch underlings, and with a nod from them, they left to go investigate anyone that knew the dead man. A clue, history, anything to help weave this web.

He turned his darkened eyes to Seyah, watched and waited as a young woman came down and refused to look at the mess on the floor.

"Torvill." Repeated Theron, as if it would spark something in him, but nothing came to light. He inhaled a steady breath and let it sit there at his nostrils and fill his chest, before exhaling gently. "Alright, I'll bite. Who stabbed Torvill?"

"Uh, I believe the Bloodletter also wishes to know just what transpired here. An account of the incident, if you will."
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"Isn't it your job to find out?" Seyah snarked back at the Bloodletter, Edromir's features once again flickering with disapproval behind Theron.

His look seemed to say; 'this is serious, Seyah. Push too much and there will be consequence'.

Torvill had not been of the Blood. From what she knew he was a simple human of nord descent. He'd come to Tyr some years ago selling slaves won in battle and had quickly taken a liking to things here. His business had quickly built up over the years, and in short order he had become one of the largest importers of new slaves into Tyr itself.

The business would now be in flux, Seyah knew, and there was opportunity in that.

A long, trialed sigh escaped the Taverness. "I don't know exactly."

She grumbled.

"My Guards stay outside." Seyah noted. "Torvill usually enjoyed a drink at the bar before...consummating his arrangements. This time he differed and preferred a seat at one of our booths."

The Taverness gestured to the plush bench next to where the corpse still lay. "The other man, a foreigner by his tongue and garb, came in and spoke to some of my girls. Then while they went to fetch his drink he came over and..."

Seyah gestured to the corpse now laying upon the floor.
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Theron gave Seyah a dangerous look. He had worked hard to get where he was today, but he didn't have to show appreciation to those that turned their nose to him. This he expected from his own kind, letting her scrutiny not dissuade him from the job.

He listened, eyes falling to the corpse again. In his mind, he imagined how the scene played out as he studied the mess that came of the corpse. "He used a knife... and took it with him. Probably thought it was best not to leave with anything that would link it to him... but he didn't clean it well."

Theron looked up to address Edromir. "I can catch the scent of the blood. Might take hours to follow... but we need to wrap things up here. I am sure... there are patrons eager for the business to be back up and running in no time."

Brokkr looked to Seyah, quirking a brow at her.

"Which girls did our assailant speak to?"
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At least the sniffer was as eager to get this done as she was. This whole thing was incessant, and annoying, but if she pointed the way she could at least get her business open again. ”Lula, Orilla.”

Seyah snapped off the names, and two girls almost immediately stepped forward.

Lula was a small slip of a thing, her red hair and black eyes marking her as half-Tyrian. Despite her father's nature however, Lula had latent talent within the Blood. Which was exactly why Seyah had taken her in. Teaching half-breeds to use their abilities was against the law of course, but the Taverness didn't care.

Neither did Talmanes. “He only spoke to us briefly, Sir.”

The girl said to Theron, glancing briefly at Seyah as though she were searching for some confirmation. A frown touched the Tavernesses lips for a moment, but she nodded anyway. Whatever information the girl had, she was clearly unsure about sharing it, but cooperation would see them through. This time at least.

“He only ordered a drink, but I noticed something on his collar. A tattoo.” Seyah's eyes narrowed. “A blue hand, in a circle with a hammer laying across the palm.”

”Oh fuck me!” Seyah complained almost immediately as Lula mentioned the symbol. The Taverness instantly recognizing its description as belonging to a ‘labor’ group run by Wendrick Polgir. An industrialist, and powerful man in Tyr. ”He was Polgir’s man.”

The Taverness said to Theron, letting out a heavy sigh as she realized this mess was a lot bigger than she'd assumed.
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His brows rose slightly, face relaxing with surprise. "Well, fuck."

He had caught the eye of Polgir when he had been trying to join the Death Watch numerous times, probably was offered work with him and money, but Theron was about honour and grandeur back then. Still was if someone were to ask any of his colleagues. Since then, he always felt as if Polgir watched him carefully ever since he was welcomed into the Watch's ranks.

"And anyone under the employ of Polgir will have anyone going on a run about before we can get anything set in stone..." He was thinking aloud now, probably trusting Seyah not to get in the way, although what he spoke of, everyone knew it to be the truth.
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Seyah frowned as Theron thought outloud, shifting slightly as she leaned against the edge of her bar. Hand coming up so that her chin could rest in her palm, finger gently tapping against her chin. "Well..."

Did she dare?

Polgir had been a thorn in her side numerous times now, and he would stand against Talmanes in the days to come. But crossing the man was...a step to say the least, and it would not be one she could take back easily. "I may know of a way Polgir usually..."

Her gaze flickered briefly around the room.

"We should speak in private." Polgir had a way of making those doing his dirty work disappear. The man owned ships that went all over the world, it was a simple task to send a killer away on them. Luckily, Seyah knew the men who worked those ships. "Would you come along?"

Seyah asked, flashing Theron a charming smile and nudging her head towards a door behind the bar.
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His eyes went from the taverness to the door behind the bar, as if weighing his options. Anything that could help this case would be appreciated, but Theron had to be careful. What if this Tyrian woman was in league with Polgir? And that was why his men frequented here?

"Alright." He wasn't just a bloodhound. The Death Watch were incredibly deadly when it comes to combat, so much so, Ther knew the best way to bring down an opponent and not let a piece of them bleed.

Following her behind the bar, he closed the door behind him and turned to Seyah before letting his gaze roam about the room he found himself in, as if someone were hiding and listening in.

"If your intel proves useful, you will be rewarded for your help."
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"Oh." Seyah said, surprise flickering over her face for a brief moment as she remembered what Theron was actually true.

"Yes." The Taverness agreed with a nod of her head. "That's why I'm doing it."

She hadn't intended for that outcome in the least. If she could take Polgir down a step, it would a place she could easily take. Bringing him to her level was dangerous, particularly if he got word of her involvement, but it was at least worth a try.

Besides, it never hurt to get in good with the Deathwatch. "May I be candid?"

Seyah asked, not waiting for an answer to continue.

"I don't think I can help you." She began, biting her lower lip in a show of fear before continuing. "Unless I know this crime will be followed to it's roots, and all it's conspirators be charged."

Meaning Polgir, the man who undoubtedly ordered this killing in the first place.
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With careful eyes, he watched Seyah as she spoke, waiting for her face to betray anything if she was not careful. Her condition for telling him information elicited a small amused smile from him, and his arms came to cross at his chest. "If this information helps this case, then those responsible will be seen to, you have my word."

Of course, Polgir and his men have had their hands in all sorts of activity the Death Watch have been watching closely, but haven't been able to make a move against due to the lack of evidence.

Theron raised a brow, lowering his voice. "It goes both ways. I can't help you in this if you cannot trust to tell me what you know. I have been trying to build a case against him... but I need something set in stone to make a move."
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For a moment more Seyah considered him.

Someone like her never much liked working with the authorities. They were a necessary evil, someone had to keep control after all, but things like this were sensitive. She especially had to dance carefully. Considering her...proclivities, one had to step over more than one dangerous mine.

"Aye." The Taverness said finally in agreement.

"I can give you a testimony." Seyah offered, a grim sort of smile pulling at her lips as she shifted her stance. Fingers lacing slowly over her belly. "I believe I know someone who can connect the dots, a money...mover, you see."

Oh this would make her a new enemy, but if everything fell exactly right..."I will need to accompany you."

The Taverness declared, leaving no room for any sort of argument.

It would have been difficult for the Deathwatch to gain entry to where they were going, not only because they would have to find it, but because of those who stood guard. If things were to go well, it was best she accompany them.
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Ther considered her words for a moment more, nodding slowly. "Alright then. Tonight? Gives me and my men enough time to do some more work here and be seen by his people that we are following a lead. Can't have anyone thinking I am making a play while I look like the Bloodletter." He raised a brow at her, twitching his lips into a small smile.

Turning, he opened the door back out to the bar again, stepping through.

"We will remove the body, but don't expect us to clean up much else after that. You might get enough time to reopen tonight, bu it looks like your girls may need some time."

Some of the girls had poked their heads in to watch, most of their eyes red and swollen from the amount of tears that fell. Theron gave them no further thought, not needing to waste time pitying them. With a few words directed to his men, the body was then carried out to a cart, leaving only a stain of blood slowly drying into the wooden floor.
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"Meet me out back." Seyah told Theron as he stepped away and tended to the corpse that still lay within her commons. She couldn't help the roll of her eyes as he spoke of 'cleaning' up, well used to the attitude of the Deathwatch officers.

Never wanting to do more work than they had to.

She watched, dully, as the men did the last of their work. Quickly setting about the removal of the corpse and leaving only a stain of blood before leaving the Orchid all together. Seyah stared at the crimson speck for a moment then motioned to her girls. "Clean that up, and get this place running. I'll be out tonight."

The Taverness declared as she ascended the stairs and proceeded to change. Finding Theron in the back alleyway just a few hours later, now wearing flexible leathers rather than a flowing green dress.

"You know." Seyah said, approaching the Bloodletter quite boldly without greeting. "Polgir has had men of the Deathwatch killed before."

She mused, smiling at him. "You're throwing out a very dangerous rope by even thinking of going after him..."

One which could easily be used to hang him.
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Dressed in clothes that many Tyrians wore, light armour hidden underneath, Theron was not so stern looking as he was in his Death Watch gear. He straightened at the sound of Seyah joining him, and her warnings came fast and true.

Theron smiled, "Wouldn't be the first time."

He beckoned her to lead, following closely behind her that it may strike her annoyances, but Theron was quick to provide explanation. "Nobody stares at couples. I hope you do not mind." Because he was not the Bloodletter tonight. He was just Theron, and it was known he liked to keep company. None that recognised him would think any different to any other night off.

"Polgir wanted me to work for him after watching me try and fail to join the Watch for many years, but I refused each time. Angers a good being that..." He murmured to her in confidence. It was known he tried and failed, but many would think of him to be bloodthirsty and eager to get recognition.
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"Oh no of course not." The Taverness said with a smile. "But you don't need to make excuses. I understand the need to be close to me."

The smile on her lips turned into a smirk. "I have seen a mirror after all."

Her arm hooked into his, and quickly she began to lead them down the street. Heading not towards Tyr proper, but instead towards the Temple District. Heading deeper into what had once been sacred ground, but was now little more than a haven for the lost.

She listened carefully to Theron's truth, pursing her lips. "He must have been furious."

Seyah mused.

"I worked for him, once." The Taverness admitted. "Though I doubt even he knows that. It was when I was a girl, little more than one of the rats in the gutter. He employed us Turtledoves then, you see, to steal. He would get us maid contracts in the Rich parts of town, we would steal what we could and he'd take his cut..."

"Not the worst employer I've ever had, in truth."
Though now he was more of a thorn in her side. Standing in the way of her expansion. but if this all worked out well...
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