1. Tal

    Open Chronicles The Pilgrimage

    https://i.imgur.com/z18N9DJ.png Tyr - Cities Edge Twelve slaves, two Ogre's formerly of the Death Watch Guard, half a dozen mercenaries and scholars, a gaggle of hanger-ons, and one Prince. That was who would be stepping into the ashen wastes of Sheketh. Chewing on his cigar Talmanes surveyed...
  2. Ennio

    Open Chronicles The Last Chance Inn; Tyr

    https://i.imgur.com/A5IFpIc.pngTyr "WHAT SHALL WE DO WITH THE DRUNKEN OGRE~" Ennio sang at the top of his lungs, the heavy mug of ale in his hands nearly sloshing over as he continued his rendition of the ancient folk song. "WHAT SHALL WE DO WITH THE DRUNKEN OGRE! WHAT SHALL WE DO WITH THE...
  3. Tal

    Fable - Ask A Bargain for Death

    On the very edges of Tyr, where only those without option and the scum found themselves, walked a man. He wore a cloak, though not to hide his identity, but rather to stop the soft patter of rain to land on his head. Behind him walked two beautiful nubian women, neither of them having the same...