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Raigryn Vayd

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Welcome to Xenforo 2!

New features:
  • Super whizzy new interface and updated themes
  • New subaccount drop down
  • Owner account now in member tooltip (popup)
  • You can rename your subaccounts
  • You can delete your own subaccounts
  • New nav bar menu (with links direct to wiki areas)
  • New custom reactions
  • Get direct to "Threads with your post"
One downside is I'm afraid we're stuck with square 192x192 avatars for the time being!

We've got an issue with the wiki to be fixed and I'll try and get that sorted today. Wiki is down for now.

If you experience any issues post them to the Bugs and Support forum or on Discord

Subaccounts now separately show Alerts and Messages under one drop down

You will be able to rename your subaccounts

You'll get a history of subaccount names
You'll be able to delete your own subaccounts

Most popular Areas will now be in the Folklore drop down menu allowing you to go straight to the Locations list (for example)

New post Reactions are coming (there will be lots more!)

New "Threads with your posts" under forum drop down take you straight to the threads your character is in!
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