LFG 1x1 Potential Love Interest?

Voraak Tyrethian

The Pale Sorcerer
Character Biography
I had a thought so I wanted to post it here.

Voraak (the way he is now) is hell bent on becoming powerful and almost seems redeemable to some do-gooders and potentially incorrigible by many. That being said, I was curious if someone would be interested in being a potential love interest?

It could be along the lines of:

Someone good who sees the good in Voraak and attempts to help him on his confusing journey
Someone evil who sees the romantic side of Voraak and they become involved (think Morticia and Gomez)

Or it could be someone that Voraak CAN'T love because of his personal agenda but feelings cloud his judgement.

I am just bouncing ideas and if someone is interested or have any other ideas, feel free to reply or message me!