Voraak Tyrethian

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Voraak Tyrethian

Biographical information
Unknown Possibly nearing his 30's Unknown
Physical description
Human Male ~6ft. Unknown Dark Brown (almost black) Ice Blue Pale
Political information
Himself Sorcerer
Out-of-character information
MylesWidogast 11/5/2018 Battlemage by Tareev (DeviantArt)


Usually obscured by his hair or his worn hood, Voraak doesn't have a friendly demeanor. Wearing darker mail armor and donning an unusual sword, his origins aren't well known by others. His voice is somewhat gravelly and can sound broken at times. His ice blue eyes almost have a magical aura to them and his face is lined with hair stubble and a scar that goes down his right eye.

Skills and Abilities

Martial Combat- Voraak learned basic swordplay from his father who worked as a mercenary for various patrons. He uses his sword as a last resort to end things.

Magic- As a former student of Elbion, Voraak was able to tap into his magical ability and perfect his techniques in various magicks. Voraak is able to call a raven to him and use it as his eyes/ears when needed.

Other than calling a raven, Voraak can wield elemental magic and use as projectiles to hammer his enemies. Frost is a form of magic that Voraak thoroughly enjoys and will utilize it every chance he can.


Voraak's personality is quiet and reclusive most of the time. He prefers to only talk once he has sized up who the other party is. Dark humor occasionally slips into the mix but Voraak is usually in a state of reflection and thought.

Voraak will employ roles and speech mannerisms in order to get closer to what he wants. He will act, steal, kill and bribe others if the situation will call for it.
In addition, Voraak shows a gentler side when prompted to. He is no stranger to the horrors of life.

There will be times where Voraak's social skills will be brought into question, and he will try to charm ladies (which has varied results)and act polite most of the time. Otherwise he will bite and sting with witty remarks if provoked to do so.

Biography & Lore

It is not known where Voraak was initially born but it has been confirmed by a colleague that he was born to a drunken mercenary father and a lying barmaid mother. They moved to Elbion when Voraak was 6. They both showed care for their boy but he grew up in a broken home where physical fights were a common sight and name calling was the primary language of the household.

In his younger years, Voraak showed great propensity in the magickal arts. He was fascinated with magic and always pretended he was a great wizard. He was picked on for his slim frame and for the pale skin he had, to the point to where others would mark him with paint to make his skin a “normal” color. Voraak was lonely for a good majority of his childhood until he met Roselia.

Roselia was Voraak’s rock for a while and they even promised each other they would attend the College and be the best in the school. Excelling in all forms of magical conduct and theories he was showing extreme promise to be a great mage someday.

While studying in the Library, Voraak happened upon a book that mentioned the more darker magicks and also how many seek the elixir of life. Hardships were had in the College but it is held on good authority that Voraak questioned the faculty and even challenged them saying that “all forms of magic should be studied”. He felt that if one does not study all aspects then they cannot consider themselves adept at all magic.

He was then further expelled from the College after he was found with a book on Immortality and Lichdom. Going back home was not an option since Voraak’s parents were not fond of his magickal ability. Swearing to learn everything, he left Elbion in search of knowledge; vowing to become a great sorcerer. Roselia stayed behind at the college to finish her studies.

Alone and furious, Voraak set out to find great masses of knowledge and knew that his passion would make others see him as a threat. He would then head toward Alliria to see what their library stores had, then possibly make his way to The Spine.

Using his combat knowledge that his father taught him very little of, he would practice magic and fencing while in the wild. His overall goal is to not become the most powerful, but the most knowledgeable and he knows that all knowledge has its price.

He would then seek out others who may help him achieve this newfound knowledge....by any means necessary.


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