Suggestion Possible Emotes for Post Reactions

Silence Conspiracy

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Hello :)

I know we have a lot of reacts to use for a post, but I want to make my case for two more reactions that I think would make reacting to a post more personal and accurate for our characters.

I think it can be agreed upon by a general, overall consensus that when a character is reacting to a post, it’s the character itself and not the player (at least, that’s how it should be.) That being said, sometimes it’s hard to choose a emote when you’re limited, which may have you not react at all which may hurt the player’s feelings and having them think their post wasn’t as awesome as they originally thought!

Two reacts that I think would enhance the experience on chronicles together are the two listed below:
1. Hungry Roo: D398944E-5272-4CED-8223-E231D732F0F5.jpeg
2. Pander P Smile: 891DE66A-3B12-4FFA-9F78-49EE3712B4F0.jpeg

Now, hungry roo is actually really popular to use on the discord because unlike cry roo it’s far more subtle and less intense. Cry roo is what you use when someone suffers something really bad in rp, whereas hungry roo looks more sad/disappointed. Kinda like if someone were to tell you “no you can’t eat this piece of cake” in rp. Or “no you can’t use this big sword” or something to show that your character’s hopes and dreams were silently crushed, just like in real life!

Now to be fair, I understand Pander P Smile could maybe be used in a more cruel way, however, I think that emote would work so well alongside the facepalm react. I have plenty of dumb but cute golden-retriever characters that have things constantly going over their head, and I’ve realized that a lot of others do as well. How fitting would it be for one of our sweet dummies to give a pander p react to the smart character’s battle plan or explanation of stuff going on? It would reflect more on the character you’re playing not understanding something and also, it’s a great react if your character has fumbled doing something.

Now that I have made my case and used the word “now” twenty times, I am unsure if there is a limit to how many reacts we can have. If we can only have one more, then I’d really hope we could at least have Hungry Roo, one of the 9 popular emotes used on the discord server. Also, if we can’t have anymore reacts that is also fine but I just thought I’d try :)

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


That Guy Drinking in the Corner
I think adding both would be good. You made very good points on the merits of both after all that I agree with.