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    There's no escaping them. It's where 95% of all characters meet up before shenanigans ensue. That's right. The humble setting of an inn or tavern. They're prolific!

    I thought it'd be fun if we compiled some of the names and locations of these scattered taverns and inns across Arethil. I think it'd be neat to share and develop a kind of world-building resource really. Sometimes thinking up a good name is hard, or maybe you might be curious to see what others have come up with. So share all the names you've imagined (doesn't even necessarily have to be from Chronicles. Especially if it's a great name. All the better to introduce it to Chronicles then!). And drop a reference link to the thread so people who are curious can read up on them, and maybe even discover your characters and their antics within.

    Here's mine thus far:

    Tavern: Mangled Rat ---- Alliria (The Shallows) ---- Not Worth the Price
    Tavern: The Midnight Dream ---- Elbion ---- The Vicar of Suffering
    Tavern: Pete's ---- Iron Lake ---- The Unlikely Pair

    Tavern/Inn: Lute and Lager ---- Alliria (Outer City) ---- Vampires in the House up the Way
    Tavern/Inn: The Journey's Respite ---- Vel Anir ---- The Key and the Lock
    Tavern/Inn: Silver and Steel ---- Vel Anir ---- The Battle of The Blades: The Parade

    Inn: The Moonlit Sweetheart ---- Alliria (Outer City) ---- The Unopened Letter
    Inn: The Broken Quill ---- Elbion ---- Supersledge
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